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Facebook ‘Lite’ – Slimmer Version of the Facebook App

October 26, 2016 by Appdexa

In many of the emerging markets, all over the world, the mobile internet connections are slow and an appropriate strategy from Facebook, in order to handle such a situation, is to reach out to all these customers in the form of a version of the messenger app called Messenger Lite.

It is essentially a strip-down version of the flagship Facebook Messenger app. Facebook messenger Lite is nothing but an effort towards handling the basic Android,  accompanied by low memory. It is a way for Facebook to expand its reach across the developing countries. The Messenger Lite is similar to the Facebook Lite app that appeared at a much earlier date. The app is rolled out in beginning of October, to the users of countries like SriLanka, Malaysia, Tunisia, Kenya and Venezuela and has further plans of expanding in other countries, as well.

Facebook has touted the marketing campaign for this app, as to get connected to the next billion users, for the emerging markets. The app poses as just a cog in the wheel of Facebook’s strategy to augment social networking and internet accessibility to the developing world.In fact, the Free Basics enables the Messenger Lite to access those websites that do not fall under their monthly data plans.

Functions of Messenger Lite

The Messenger Lite has the same core functions that are existent in the Messenger. The app, as per Facebook is easy and faster to download, below 10 MB of size. This is clearly an advantage in comparison with the fat-app that is downloaded in most of our smartphones. The users may send and receive links, text, photos similar to the Messenger and also has the capability to receive stickers.  The app remains compatible across wider range of Android devices, new or old and including Gingerbread version of Google’s phone software. It uses less data, so as to ride over the issue of network speed. The lightweight version of Messenger, enables to reach out to the people, for free. The best part is that the app works under all network conditions and demands lesser space with its smaller size. The app works in 2G networks and unstable internet connections. A lesser space for your mobile data ensures that you save more money. Another good feature that is worthy of mentioning is that the app gets loaded at a much quicker pace.

Some More Features of Messenger Lite

However, there are many other additional features for Messenger Lite such as the following :

1. Push notifications, so that no message is lost

2. Only a handful of permissions are required for sending and receiving images, downloaded from Facebook

3. May instantly login and chat with public Facebook profile

4. Smart and easy to use

5. Possible to invite the Facebook friends for removal of ad or upgradation for the removal of ad

6. Optimization of background connection of Facebook server saves the battery life

7. No more than 20 MB RAM is required for saving the battery

There have been criticisms too against the Messenger Lite app. There is a supposed violation of net neutrality,  while locking the newer customers onto its website. It is not yet possible to make voice calls through Messenger Lite, at least not for the first version . Messenger Lite was for getting more and more people connected and to impart a wonderful experience, irrespective of whatever technology that is used or accessible by the users.


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