An Extended Note on Top 4 Application Development Resources

An Extended Note on Top 4 Application Development Resources

January 2, 2017 by Appdexa

Continuous expansion in application development resources has provided well established methods of creating apps. An application goes through a number of processes and methods. For developers, it is important to have the understanding of each of these processes so that the development could be done perfectly well.

Besides resources; processes, tools, methodology and understanding of all these elements is very much important to have there with the developers. The count of app making platforms is as diverse as the number of applications today. Additionally, a number of guides are also separately available for Android and iOS app development. These guides offer fundamental knowledge about creating an app.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about different types of resources that are proved to offer exceptional app creating ways to the developers. We have compiled some of the most innovative resources along with their efficiency in the particular area so that developers could get a better understanding of all of them. Here is the detailed discussion.

A note on resources that helps in app development process.

Android developer’s blog

Android developer’s blog is at your disposal if you are looking to develop apps for Android devices. The blog has got some excellent resources to help developers in creating outstanding apps. There is impressive and knowledgeable content written on the blog by Google employees.

A mix of technical and informational content has been made available for the users on the blog. Reading the blogs will help to gain insightful information about the new techniques that are evolving in the Android operating system. The blogs also provide information on how an innovative technique in the related domain could be utilized further.  


Tuts+ has got practical tutorials posted on the website. The tutorials are available in both written and as video tutorials. One can view a number of tutorials, the subject of which includes photography, web design, game development and more. The tutorials are free and extremely informative in the approach.

The display of screenshots make it even easier for the users to understand what has been shown there on the video. Latest news on the upcoming trends as well as coding practices is also shared on Tuts+ website.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly acts as an excellent resource for iOS developers. It acts as an exceptional blog resource for developers that offers all the latest feeds on the related trends and the techniques. The latest development in Apple’s operating system is also shared on this platform.

Right from the marketing to code designing and to news videos, iOS Dev Weekly is renowned to share exceptional feeds with the developers. The platform also help developers find a suitable job opportunity that is shared on iOS Dev Weekly. Hence, iOS Dev Weekly also acts as a job finding platform.

The final verdict

There are a number of such platforms that are exceptional to be used by the developers. They do not only provide informative assistance but also help them find a suitable job opportunity. Additionally, the daily dose of the latest development in both Android and iOS platform helps developers gain influential knowledge. Remaining updated with the latest feed helps developers to create innovation at the work and utilizing the techniques for creating user centric applications.

Appdexa is in the business of serving the latest news and feeds about top mobile application development companies. The platform acts as a marketplace to help users choose the right resource for their business.


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