Essentials of Mobile Game App Development in 2017

Essentials of Mobile Game App Development in 2017

March 29, 2017 by Janet Scott

When we see the stupendous success of mobile game app like Angry Bird, we would always want to bend on game app development. Angry Bird is not only a huge grosser with billions of dollars in revenue, it is widely known for its addictive nature.

More and more people are simply searching for mobile apps in the Google Play Store or the App Stores, which are capable of fetching revenue, as the app developers concentrate all their efforts towards game app development.

Mobile app gaming is growing at an increasing rate. However, there are several factors under considerations as you develop these attractive gaming apps. The need for gaming has attained newer levels as there is higher expectations from the savvy users.

Here are some of these trends in mobile development in 2017, for the mobile gaming apps:

Hybrid App Development

The most common technique adopted for mobile app development is that of hybrid app development. There is a considerable enhancement in the gaming experience while using hybrid apps.

There are many reasons for which hybrid app development is resorted to by the app developers as there is no need to develop platform-specific applications, when hybrid apps are developed, saving the precious time of the app developers, as they can devote more time on the design and features of the gaming apps. Time that is saved accrues to expenses saved. Moreover, updates are easier with the hybrid apps. No longer do the users need to visit the App Stores for the updates, using the tedious clicks.

Android Instant Apps

The greatest advantage posed by the Android Instant Apps is that there is no need to wait for downloading the apps. The users will now be able to get the app experience, before deciding whether they really want to purchase the app. In the parlance of the mobile app marketer, the most challenging aspect is to make the user download and purchase the gaming apps. Mobile Game App development in 2017, will enable you to run your gaming app, with no need to download it, whatsoever. The Android Instant Apps works as combination of a web page as well as an app, launching them from wherever possible.

Virtual Reality In Gaming Apps

The Virtual Reality based Gaming Apps provide what we term as immersion experience as well as a graphical detail, which was so far not seen in the gaming apps, as they lend an ethereal quality to the apps. It is also effective in bringing about a change with many players. With these gaming apps we achieve immersion in time and space, regardless of the actual location.

Location-based Services (LBS)

Location based services (LBS) are growing at a rapid pace and Mobile Location Based Gaming (MBLG) is one of the greatest trend for LBS. There are many technologies that are available on mobile devices such as Augmented Reality (AR), Wireless Fast Speed Internet, Image recognition and Positioning technologies. MBLG links the traditional field games to these different areas of technologies. As GPS is now available in most of the mobile devices, the gaming app developers find it easy to incorporate LBS in their apps. The benefit is to make gaming appear easy and interesting too.

Ionic Framework

The Ionic framework happens to be the most popular one among the game developers. Ionic is a complete open-source SDK, very useful to develop hybrid apps. The advantages offered by the Ionic framework is the ease of developing the most complex experiences through these gaming apps. On the top of this the Ionic platform happens to have optimum specifications, so that the apps work on a multitude of latest devices, which are available in the market. It has one source for multiple platforms.

Cloud Based Game Apps

Space is a really a constraint for the gaming app developers as most of them work with heavy graphics. Cloud offers the best solution as it works faster and security is another advantage of the app. If you are keen to develop gaming apps that work without any restrictions, then gaming app is the answer.

App Security

Online gaming apps have many a security threats. There are games like Pokemon Go which are based on location-based data. As there is a full access to personal data, there is a chance for considerable security related issues.

You must understand the above trends on mobile development in 2017.


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