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What are the Best Practices and Methodologies in Enterprise Mobile App Development

July 26, 2017 by Janet Scott

Are you engaged in running a Mobile App Development Company?

If yes, then it is important for you to stay updated with the latest mobile app development tools and practices The main reason behind this is that these things will help you in offering well-executed apps.  These days, we have been talking a lot about growing momentum of enterprise mobile app development.

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A large number of companies are moving to a mobile first strategy and are investing more money on enterprise mobile app development. In order to satisfy the requirements of enterprise clients, several mobile app development companies are adopting new techniques for developing apps and are following modern development practices.

Overview of New Enterprise Mobile App Development Methods and Best Practices:

Enterprise Mobile App Development Methods

Bimodal IT

Bimodal IT is the latest method adopted by enterprise mobile app development sector. There are two parallel modes in this method. One mode of app development lay emphasis on safety and accuracy, whereas mode 2 focuses on agility and speed. This methodology is expected to bridge the gap between demand and capacity.


Rapid Mobile App Development

There is no denial to the fact that applications developed with RMAD are good to address an ad hoc problem that is difficult to be addressed with the existing applications in place. Due to little coding, reusing software components or by using prototyping, it can be used to develop customer facing apps.


Enterprise App Development Practices

Context Driven Testing

This new form of agile testing works well for a mobile app that serves the need of only one end-user and not the other. Benefits of this type of testing includes enhanced user-friendly product, optimized functionality for intended users and last but not the least, adaptability of the product to changing markets. Context-driven testers choose testing objectives, techniques and also deliverables by checking the details and desires.


Cross-Platform Apps

Today, there are numerous cross-platform frameworks available in the market. However, the most popular one is the PhoneGap owned by Adobe. On the other hand, Xamarin by Microsoft is catching fast though. There is no denying that Java for Android and Objective C for iOS can be easily done with C# with Xamarin. This framework offers complete access to 100% of the native API for Windows, Android and iOS in C#. In addition, QT, Ionic, Apache Cordova and Appcelerator are some other widely preferred cross-platform tools that simply suit web development, desktop and mobile app development.

OAuth 2.0 + Two-Factor Authentication For Users

OAuth comes under the category of practical tactic. There are many vendors who support OAuth 2.0 with two-factor authentication including Okta, Ping and Azure AD. There is nothing wrong in saying that two-factor authentication requests a user to enter user ID, password and a second validation. This includes an OTP generated on your mobile phone or a fingerprint. Android, iOS and Windows support OAuth 2.0. No mobile app development companies should count on any other method of authentication.


Key Takeaway

The emergence of newer technologies and incessant demands from clients simply means that app development requirements need to be reinvented. The demand for enterprise apps is growing at a rapid pace in order to run the business smoothly as well as consistently. Hence, this paves the way for better methodologies to develop enterprise apps, which meet stringent industry needs. Hence, all top mobile app development companies should consider all the aforesaid methods and best practices.


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