How to Ensure Security of your Enterprise Apps

How to Ensure Security of your Enterprise Apps

January 4, 2017 by Appdexa

Enterprises apps are growing in number every single day as more and more business owners are bringing their trade online. Such apps leverages the ease of connection to the clients. Moreover, the use of smartphones for accessing business services is growing and thus it is imperative to have such an app for your business too.

Developing enterprise apps is one thing and then securing the same is another. People generally download apps through Apple’s iTunes, Google Play Store as well as from third-party marketplace. All these marketplaces ask for robust security features in your apps. Additionally, vigorous security in your enterprise apps is also required to protect it from hacking attempts. Thus, while developing enterprise apps, the bottom line is to offer enough security to the applications.

There is a long list of points to keep into the mind while developing enterprises apps. However, the important ones have been briefed here as follows:

Password protection

It is important to follow the guidelines for generating password. Protection through password is important as users store their personal banking information in mobile apps. You must generate a password as per the guidelines given and instructed. For example – online banking apps generally have passwords that are short as well as number based. It helps prevent hacking attempts.

Voice recognition

Apple has presented the most celebrated voice recognition example through “Siri”. It responds to the commands of users and accomplishes the task for them. The trend is growing more and more with the increased number of enterprise apps being developed for different businesses.

In the race of developing enterprise apps, Amazon has invested in creating the Echo that responds to the sounds of the users much like as Apple’s Siri. With the fact that only verified users could access the information stored in the app, it becomes easy to add more security layers to the enterprise app.

Fingerprint recognition

A number of high-security apps have already invested in fingerprint recognition technique. Apps having fingerprint recognition feature generally ask users if they would like to trust the feature, in case they opt for the same, this becomes the single security step users will have to cross through prior to signing-in to the app.

Fingerprint recognition is counted among the most valued kind of security types. It ensures that no other user could access your personal information as it could only be accessed through verified user’s fingerprint.    

Software updates

Including the latest updates will help to keep the app security feature intact. Continuous software updates are also important for the vital success of an app. As the technology in the given sphere is growing like anything, enterprises must invest their time and efforts to update their enterprise apps.

Outdated software may become the reason for the failure of apps that enterprises design for marketing their businesses and the products. Hence, keeping this very consideration in the mind is important for the long lasting success of the apps that has been specifically developed for enterprise success.   

At the end

The hype of creating enterprise apps is growing with the sole aim of bringing the clients closer to the products and the business. While developing these applications, the most important concern is to ensure the security of these apps. A poorly secured app is not only a threat to the business but also a hazard for the success of the trade.

Thus, the key while developing enterprise apps is to invest your time and efforts in providing robust security to the apps. By following the considerations that have been discussed here, it will get easy to plan security of your enterprise app.

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