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Effective Ways for Marketing Your Mobile App

Check here the top and effective ways to market your your app to stand out in an mobile app industry.

Updated on :
September 23rd, 2020
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

The mobile app industry is booming and reached its pinnacle in late 2011, when it reached its one million mark. Apps are now occupying the micro-moments of our daily lives. As per a study, people are spending more than thirty hours per month on an average with the devices. Mobile marketing is about developing in-depth relation with the customer. The app marketing is basically complementary to the brand’s offline experience. It is an effective tool for not only driving e-commerce, but also establishing a connection between the brand and its corresponding loyal customers.

There is fierce level of competition in the app marketplace, and the success of the app is assured with a good mobile app marketing strategy in place. We need to gather some insights for developing a strategy for app marketing. Awareness of the app and holding customer engagement are some of the key factors in app marketing.

Just as there is a rise in the app downloads, as the customers like the app features, we also have app abandonment, based on the likeability factor. It is true that more and more users are spending time on the mobile devices, the attention of the users is wavered, resulting in difficulty in user retention.

Here are Some of the Effective ways to Market Your App:

1. Conducting a Market Research

Way before an mobile app developing company is hired for your business a thorough level of market research need to be conducted by you. Some of the factors that need to be identified by this market research activity are the needs of the stakeholders, target audience, how effectively the needs will be satisfied. Moreover, it is important to decide on whether to opt for a free app with limited content or a paid app.  At this stage the monetization of apps is also decided.

2. Pre and Post Launch Factors and App Store Optimization

There are many factors that are considered, before even the app is launched. Branding, keywords and competition are some of these factors. The prospective customers will get the initial impression about you app from the brand identity, brand description, download pages and the app screenshots. This is what converts the users into downloads.

The user will search for your app based on the keywords, the ones that are used mostly by the target audience. App Store Optimization(ASO) will obtain a higher rank for the app in the search results. An effective ASO will have search word matching the keyword in the title and this generates higher traffic for the app. A competition analysis based on the keywords will reveal what is the reason behind the success of the competitor’s app.

You may have to choose a different category for the app, when the competition is fierce. The next phase of the mobile app marketing happens after the app is launched. Feedback from the customers are encouraged as reviews after the app is downloaded. Positive App Store reviews are good for the potential customers.

3. Search Ads

Apps are discovered in the App Stores by almost 40 % of users. App downloads are boosted by the Search Ads. These ads are for an increased visibility of the apps in the App Store.

4. Mobile App Install Campaigns

App installs must happen both from paid sources and organic ones. An app install campaign gives incentives to the user, thereby driving the app downloads and promote your app. The incentive appears as premium content or virtual money. At the end, these are useful for reaching out to a broader customer base.

Reengaging the apps is another key factor. Mobile app marketing enables to make your app stand up among the crowd, both inside and outside the App Store.

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