13 Steps to Make it Big in The App Marketing Arena in 2021

13 Steps to Make it Big in The App Marketing Arena in 2021

Check here the top and effective ways to market your app to stand out in an mobile app industry.



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January 11th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

The mobile app industry has been on a boom since the late 2010’s or so; when it had reached its first one million mark. The growth has been exponential since. Smartphones and their apps now occupy several micro-moments and work-life obligations of our daily lives including shopping, services, work and social communications, etc.

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The trend is further going to increase in numbers. In fact, smartphones and their apps now form the single largest global market for business and sales.

As per a study on Statistica, there are more than 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world who currently spend close to 3 hours of their day’s time browsing through these apps. Now, that’s a huge market with a huge marketing potential.

The basic principle behind the ample success of Mobile marketing is in an app’s prowess to develop an in-depth relation with the customer.

App Marketing Strategies are a Necessity

A mobile application is like a pseudo-store that compliments the store experience on an online platform, in a fraction of the physical experience cost. Mobile App marketing is in fact, nowadays one of the most important aspects of business marketing strategies. It is an effective tool for not only driving e-commerce, but also for establishing customer relationships to enable brand loyalties and page traffic in your favor.

An app and its effectivity in these aspects revolve around three factors:

  • Discovering an App. This is not simple. The app is required to feature in lists frequently searched by users and prominently marketed to get found, eventually.  marketing strategy is required to get this done effectively.
  • How many downloads does the app have? Obviously, the more the merrier.
  • Once downloaded, your app should be able to hang onto customer focus and lead to sales.

An efficient app is able to achieve all this and more..

Understanding the App Market

There are currently millions of apps both in the play store and apple store, awaiting downloads by interested and tentative customers. Millions of others are further mushrooming and joining this bandwagon every single day. Thus, the sheer competition of this space can make any digital endeavor go berserk for businesses. But, the biggest issue for even a top app marketing company is still to get the app noticed, then downloaded and then to retain app users as loyal customers.  They have a hard task cut out.

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There are various strategies today that are utilized by leading marketing agencies to make a mark in this continuously evolving market. To usher in the right space, at the right time, with the right effect, marketers need to gather insights about their industry, digital market and targeted customers beforehand. A well-grounded ‘marketing an app’ strategy is thus required to be set in place for Mobile application marketing. Awareness of competitive apps, functioning in similar verticals that have been successfully targeting customers and garnering positive as well as negative reviews is a must-know in this line of action. Hiring an experienced app marketing company could go a long way in achieving this efficiently.

Another important mobile app promotion and development issue faced by app owners, due to a constant rise in direct competition and the downloadable app numbers has been the number of ‘app abandonment’.

This is mostly known to have been based on the ‘likeability’ factor or the customer experience of the app. It is a genuine fact that as more and more users are spending time on their mobile devices, there has been an unintentional wavering of user focus, resulting in difficulty for apps to maintain user retention.

These are the main concerns that generally haunt any app owner.

How to Market Your App?

An app or a business is nothing until it can be found effectively by the tentative user. Here are some of the effective strategies of an app marketing plan that can help businesses to meander through these obstacles successfully:

1. Conducting a Market Research:

This is a marketing requirement for all products and services entering the market these days and its depth should not be just limited to the digital markets. Thus, way before you hire a mobile app development company for your business, it is imperative you conduct a thorough market research of your industry, especially of the verticals you tend to function in. Factors that need to be identified by this market research should include the requirements of the stakeholders, target audience and their expectations and how effectively these can be achieved. As a mobile app owner, on the basis of this research it is important to decide, ‘whether to opt for a free app with limited content or a paid app option or both with a premium option’. The decision of ‘How to promote an app’ will then bank on it. At this stage, the concept of the monetization of apps should be finalized for good.

2. Understand Your Competition:

Another important factor of market research is to understand the user behavior and expectations through already launched competitor websites. This gives a complete insight about the functionalities and user-experience level that the intended customers are used to. In order to stand above them, you will need a mobile app that towers above them in one way or another. You could research and create a table or matrix of keywords, tags, strategies, etc. working for them already and your mobile app marketing agency could then look for ways to inculcate them in your app asset. After all, these are tried, tested and known to achieve results.

3. Pre and Post Launch Factors and App Store Optimization:

There are many factors that are required to be considered in an app marketing approach. Branding, key markets, target audiences and competition are some of them:

  • The prospective customer’s initial impression about an app, its products and services is primarily derived from brand identity, brand description, download option, customer reviews and user interface, i.e. the app homepage displayed on the official play store or apple store page. ‘A good look’ here, is what converts the users into downloads. So create a great user interface and homepage and click and post its pictures here for maximum effectiveness.
  • The user will directly or indirectly search your app based on the keywords and tags attached. Thus, they are very important and are required to primarily target the intended audience.
  • App Store Optimization(ASO) strategies can help businesses obtain a higher rank for their app in the search results.

An effective ASO strategist will ensure that the app content includes searched keywords in the title and subtitle itself to generate higher traffic. A competitive analysis of the keywords will also reveal what is the reason behind the success of the competitor’s app. Thus, it acts like a pseudo-analysis tool to check app effectiveness; a fact, app owners seldom realize.

4. App Utilization Specification with the Play Store and iOS:

An expert marketer shall also guide you on the app’s ‘feature of utility’ to be targeted by the app. That is, it may be characterized as a social media app or a productivity app or a music app, etc. Realising fierce competition in a particular category, he or she may even guide you on choosing a different category for the app. A sound decision in this aspect enables easy searchability and market initiation for the app.

5. Promote Genuine Reviews:

The next phase of mobile app marketing begins after the app is launched. Herein, positive feedbacks from customers are encouraged to sign in as authentic reviews after the app is downloaded. But remember, this can go either way. Positive App Store reviews are good for the potential customers, and negative reviews may ward them off from downloading the app.

6.Promotions and Burst Campaigns:

Basically, more times than not, ‘Apps’ are discovered in the App Stores by the users looking for a particular utility or product/service option. In addition to searches, app downloads can be boosted by using the ‘paid Search Ads’ option. These ads are for an increased visibility of the apps in the App Store. Mobile App Marketing strategy may also involve burst campaigns on launch of an app, wherein the app’s links and content are marketed through a host of paid channels including social media, blogs, articles, etc. which directly shall help increase sales numbers. After all, a good first impression is important.

7. Mobile App Marketing Campaigns to Promote Installations:

App installs and promotions should happen both from paid sources as well as the organic ones. A well-designed and executed app install campaign may achieve high downloads by giving some kind of incentive to the user, thereby skillfully promoting the app. The incentive may or may not be some form of premium content, some discount or virtual money, attractive to the target user. This has been a useful technique for reaching out to a broader customer base.

8. Stay Away from False Promises:

Empty worded promotions and false promises could become a serious mistake in the futuristic mobile marketing strategy for a business. Beware, that such kinds of promises may get you initial downloads, but the user may uninstall the app after not being satisfied by the app performance. Such users may also leave a negative reply on your various social media and play store and apple store landing pages, causing more bad than good. Thus ensure that when you hire a developer to make an app, he or she understands this aspect well.

9. An Impressive Website:

Every good app nowadays is embarked on an equally impressive website that helps it to push content and rank higher in searches.The best app developer will tell you that a good website will help in pre-launch and shareable content of an app including articles and blogs. A good write-up with appropriate links and backlinks on websites go a long way in attracting downloads.

10. Riding the Social Media Bandwagon:

This cannot be stressed enough. Corona times have shown the world how important it is to stay connected. Social Media platforms have thus been bombarded with unprecedented traffic. It makes them a prime platform to harbour more app downloads. Direct app links or linkups with posted articles, blogs and posts are ways to be seen on these platforms. Mobile application developer companies are known to use this platform the most.

11. Choose Likewise Other Platforms and Directories and connect with them:

There are other platforms that have a blooming clientele and a segregated viewership. For Instances, there are sites that publish annual reports on various verticals and achievements of varied applications. Connect with them for reviews, market visibility, phenomenal viewership and backlinks for downloads

12. Lookafter the Negative Reviews:

Negativity comes hand-in-hand with positivity and on the internet nothing gets deleted. So, promptly and softly reply to the negative feedback and take improvement steps to gain momentum from them as well. At any cost, do not be rude.

13. App Videos:

Trust us, when we say ‘videos are the new text’. A video that explains the app perfectly, ensures a high download rate by interested viewers. Moreover, this video is watchable on various other platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for higher linkage and market presence.


Mobile app marketing is done with the sole purpose of making an app stand out amongst the sheer crowd of ever-increasing apps, both inside and outside the App Stores. These strategies are basically steps that will help your app to reach a stage of attracting a user and enabling them towards a first download. Keeping or discarding of the app therein, shall lie on the usability and effectiveness of its functionality.

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