Hackney - A Education App to make Pre - School Learning Easier

Hackney To Make Pre-School Learning Easier

June 7, 2016 by Eric Miller

The trust has decided to launch an all new education app to help overcome language barrier for pre-school children. Although many departments suffer from the misconception that developing an app will take a long time, is going to cost more and then would end up not working properly, Hackney has decided to launch an app that is essentially made to help pre-school children. This shows the trust’s staunch commitment towards developing education in every possible aspect.

The trust has handed a contract worth £3m to the digital platform supplier Fish in a Bottle to develop the app. The 4 year contract with Fish in a Bottle which is an award winning digital studio began immediately. Fish in a Bottle also has numerous high profile clients like BBC, SEGA, Activision, Barclays just to name a few.Hackney

The Hackney Learning Trust took over the London Borough’s educational function in 2002 and become the first private, not-for-profit trust to do so. The reputation of the trust has improved by leaps and bounds since then and this app is sure to be another feather in the cap for the trust. The trust acts as an independent collaborative body and organizes education for Hackney’s 27,000 pupils in over 70 nurseries, play centers and schools. The trust was set up when the failings in the then existing education system were identified and after more than a decade of taking over, the trust has certainly changed the situation with two of London’s most successful academies now in Hackney and other two under development.

The app will be developed in phases. The first phase will comprise of a pilot phase wherein a prototype will be created to evaluate and inform the trust about the progression and development of the further phases of the app. The next phase will be the full development of the app and according to the trust the further development of the app will not progress until the full development is successful. The subsequent phases include the official launch of the app followed by the on-going maintenance of the app which will ensure the smooth working and also work on any new modifications.

The trust stated in the tender award documents that the app would aim to “overcome early barriers of education arising from limited or delayed vocabulary, comprehension, and early phonology”. The much-awaited app is already under development and will be made available to children across the UK between the ages of 3 and 5 years.

The arrival of the app is highly anticipated with both parents and teachers alike wanting to see the positive effect of the app on pre-school children. Furthermore, it is sure to increase the reputation of the Hackney Learning Trust which is now a unit of the kids and young people service at the London Borough of Hackney.


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