Doubt If Your iPhone is Hacked Secretly? A New App to clear doubt

Doubt If Your iPhone is Hacked Secretly? A New App to Clear Your Doubt!

June 8, 2016 by Janet Scott

iPhone: The developers behind the App, SektionEins GmbH wrote in a blog post giving a very crisp description of their latest genius : “[We] wanted to provide the public with a low-cost solution that allows to find out if someone used one of the public jailbreak or a customized version of hack and backdoor your device.”

And that’s exactly what they have developed. Something iPhone users had been waiting for a very long for now. If you are an iPhone user you will understand what exactly are we talking about here. There have been ways and tricks available for other operating systems (other than iOS) to know whether their phone is tampered with or if somebody is playing foul with it and trying to steal content from the device. But none existed for iOS.

So, here we have a very handy and easy to use App dubbed as, System and Security Info. Protecting and securing your iPhone is a necessity these days, with the probability of your Smartphone having a substantially more knowledge about you that a close friend of yours. It’s a vault for all your photographs, your messages, the locations you frequently visit, contacts, online searches and what not.Jailbroken or not

It can be quite tricky to get to know whether your iPhone is been tampered with and jailbroken (a mean that permits users to tweak their iPhone so as to make a software functional not approved by Apple).

We are not questioning the security of an iPhone, as they by far have the best-protected software available. It is impossible to jailbreak an iOS device remotely; a physical access to the device is a compulsion. But if you’ve ever misplaced your device and had it returned, or did acquire a second-hand article and started using it without reinstating its software, then it could have been jailbroken without you even having a hint of it. And this could be mighty risky.

The System and Security Info app, developed by security researcher Stefan Esser, produces a very vivid, colour-coded pointer as to whether the iPhone or iPad in question has been jailbroken or not.

It monitors & tracks anomalies in the software, including non-Apple daemons, jabbed libraries, and every other tiniest of the details that could pop up in your head. Needless to mention that if your device has ever been secretly jailbroken or is running unauthorized malware, this app will identify it and intimate you immediately.

It isn’t a blessing just for the users who are wishing for a non-jailbroken device but is also a great source of relief for the ones willing to use a jailbroken iPhone. With its ability to analyze the process that are currently operating at the moment, in addition to any irregularities that could be the indication of some privacy or security breach.

System and Security Info also offers some other very worthy data, such as the real-time CPU and memory usage statistics. In addition to a list of working processes and specifications about the processor & other hardware, and how much storage you’re using.

System and Security Info is one of the best things happened to iPhone users to make their smartphone usage smooth, safe and secure.


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