Explore Necessity of Discovery Phase in Mobile App Development Process

The Importance Of Discovery Phase In The Entire App Development Ecosystem

October 6, 2017 by Mike Davis

Discovery is the foundation for the lasting success. And, this crucial aspect is very much vital to mobile app development companies. A successful app development roadmap could set the right tone for the entire app development process. One should be very much clear about what they desire to get concrete results from the app development company.

The apt needs of the businesses are the driving force for finding out the resources it requires. A complete discovery on what your business requires could be another source of inspiration for finding the actual business requirements.

Describing your business before the app developers will help them to know the actual services required making it easy for them to design the website accordingly. We will be discussing more such requirements later in the article.

Elements to consider before actualizing the app development process

Let’s now discover the elements your app developer require to design your business app.

#The purpose of the business

Even a brief description of your business help the development team gets an idea of what the app is all about. What is the goal of business, the objective it holds and the kind of consumer it is targeting to, all these aspects are essential to be considered for the development of the business application?

For example, Healthy Living is a mobile app that offers its clients the luxury of mentoring their lives the healthy way. The app focuses on helping people make small changes in their lifestyles to garner lifelong benefits.

#The actual requirements of the business

The requirements of the business vary from one to another, and so is the purpose of designing the application. Let your developer get the clear idea on the purpose of development to get the robust end product.

Take the example of the LinkedIn App. The application helps users to establish their connection to the professionals in different communities and then grow out their connections further. The business requirement here is to make it easy for the users to extend their professional relationship.

#Who is the target audience?

It is essential to be as specific as possible with this one. The very first requirement of your business is to know the clients and their expectations from the business. Make it a practice to study the client behavior. Research your part to target the audience specifically.

Facebook offers one fine example to serve clients the data/preferences of their choice. The giant social networking site studies the typical shopping behavior of each client only to offer the preferences of their choice in the feed.

# Why the business needs an app?

Apps are meant for improving business operations. But the actual worth of business apps is not only limited to expanding operations but also expanding the business to new extensions. The benefit of a business-centric application may also extend to profit generation and business productivity.

For example, WhatsApp was developed as a messaging app, but a number of companies are taking advantage of the platform for concluding business-related operations to reach to the clients easily.

# Expectation from the app

Expectations from a business app can come in all shapes and sizes. Try to figure out your specific requirement and analyze the outcome for the same. After you have the answer to the question, you can move forward to the development phase. The app must serve the business by increasing its outreach to more and more number of clients.

One effective example of this category is Skype for business. It is a familiar name to everyone who makes the free business call, chat online, transfer the files and much more to it. Such apps make the business operations easy thus fulfilling the unique expectation of businesses from an app.

# What kind of app is needed?

What kind of app your business requires, web, mobile or both? Apps are developed to make it easy for clients to connect to the business and vice-versa. Be it the web or the mobile app; every category has its specific benefit for the business.

Here is a note on the benefit of both mobile and web apps:

Benefits of mobile apps

  • Instant connection with the business
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Informs users about new business products

Benefits of web apps

  • Boosts business profit easy
  • Adapted to increased workload
  • Easier to develop

Additional Resources for Growing the Business

Productivity apps are changing the way businesses operate today, contributing to the growth of the business. They are helping entrepreneurs remain up to date in their business operations along with assisting them to perform the specific tasks effortlessly. Google drive, Cloud storage, MS office, etc. come under a similar category and make business data storage and sharing a breeze to the users

Final Thoughts

Plenty of business apps are there that entrepreneurs can use for making business operations more manageable. With the right combination of resources and apps, the whole business procedure can be simplified. It is necessary for you to get the fair share of profit by utilizing feature-centric mobile apps for the business. Remember there is fierce competition out there in the market and to be the best among your subordinates, it is wise to join hands with mobile app developers to get an app ready for the business.

What is your favorite business tools? Have you tried any of the apps listed in the write-up?

In case, it’s a yes, do let us know your response in the comment section below.


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