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The Secret of How Developers Improve App Revenue Revealed

July 7, 2017 by Janet Scott

In regards to the status quo, Mobile App Developers are not getting rich (if we believe in a recent survey). At least the stats for it predicts the same.  A recent survey has also found that 64% Android developers and 50% iOS developers are lacking in revenue generation for their business. And, it is of course a matter of concern. However, the story for new breed of developers is a bit different.

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For budding developers, it is of course the onset of technology that has helped them improve the revenue generation. If we take a close look on Android app store and Apple play store, we can easily see the exceeding number of apps. Android Google play store recently reached to 2.2 million app mark. And, the numbers for Apple app store was 2 billion applications.

App Play Store

Enormous Growth of App Marketplace

The app marketplace is growing enormously and therefore the count of mobile apps is increasing in the same ratio. We have impressive apps for every possible concern there at the app marketplace (Android and App store combined). However, one thing that is giving a push back to the increasing number of applications is the app abandon rate that is growing too.

How Developers Improving the App Revenue Rate :

In-App Monetization Techniques

A concrete in-app purchase (IAP) strategy is the key to generate massive revenue. The trick for app developers is to create apps that could appeal to the users.

Mobile App Monetization

This will include everything from the designing to the development and to the UI/UX of the applications. Try to appeal to a larger audience for maximum return. And, for the same, you will need a plan and an exceptional execution of the same. Ensure your IAP are enticing too.


Ad-based Monetization

Nearly 80% developers have now adopted to this technique to generate revenue for their applications. In-app purchase may prove to be annoying, but when an application has been made available free of cost in the App store, the users can’t complain much.

Ad in Mobile App

It has become an ongoing trend for a number of applications to feature in app ads. In-app advertising has now become an accepted trend by the users too. Therefore, developers must consider ad-based monetization.


Reducing App Abandonment

Everyone of us is having an app in our mobiles that has been used just once. Some of us even uninstall these app. And, it is a complete loss to the mobile app developers. It is only to make the on boarding easy for reducing app abandonment.

App Abandonment


Make App On boarding Easy

User On boarding should be initiated with a full-proof plan. The idea is to make the interaction easy and entertaining for the users. It is the phase where the user interacts for the very first time with the application. This makes it essential to showcase perfection in the app on boarding phase. This is the time to make your impression last forever on the users. There are tools and techniques that could help developers in such approaches.

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The Closing Note

With the tools and the techniques that are available today, it is now much easier for mobile app developers to retain users. App abandonment rates can thus be brought down with a concrete mobile app development plan. Add on to this, it is also important to properly execute the points.


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