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An Insight on the Current Wave of “Micro-Apps” Trends

July 19, 2017 by Mike Davis

Micro – simply tiny in size, but why it has become so prominent in Mobile App Development Domain? For understanding the role of “micro apps” in mobile app development companies, let’s get started this way. The core app development process we follow today is very much sluggish. It involves a long app development procedure to finally develop the application.

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To sideline this long-term procedure, app developers have taken a new approach called micro app development. The concept through this innovative approach is to develop a parallel way for app development that is specific, agile and innovative at the same time. With this process, the app developers are expected to work on clean and simple in structure solutions, thus providing the results as Micro app development.

Let’s Have a Better Insight of the Micro Apps

The new wave of micro apps is actually a level up of UI that is integrated into the mobile apps. Micro services are easy to integrate with the existing system that is much smoother than manual business process management. Micro apps involve human to machine integration in order to move the data through a single step.

The Technical Insights

Micro apps are HTML Based dynamic programs. These are designed typically to bypass the app store to load directly into well-renowned communication tools including Slack. This is sure to give a major push back to the bots that Facebook uses. In order to continue in the race, Facebook Messenger is continually upgrading its functionalities to make the sessions effective for the users.

Major Takeaways of Micro Apps for the Users:

  • Tailored Micro App interface for particular applications.
  • Easy access to the personal applications.
  • Facility to tailor UI for the specific case, which the end users are using.
  • Agile and Rapid Mobile App Development Procedure.


The basic concept of Micro app flow as compared to human business management can be summarized as:

Micro apps

Difference Between Micro Flow and Business Process Management

Business process management involves a number of steps that is unlike the micro flow process. There are machine-to-machine interaction and system for records. On the other hand, micro flow process involves a single step and have human to machine communication. The process becomes much specific, structured and result-oriented at the same time. With the ongoing trend of micro apps in mobile app development industry, many companies are now switching their app development process to the similar approach.

The Final Statement

The combination of micro services with micro apps in mobile app development domain is sure to offer innovative results for the users. With such approach, the gen next app delivery system will have a complete makeover in regards to the app development approaches that we follow today.


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