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A Complete Guide to Crucial Facts About Application Programming Interfaces

August 1, 2017 by Mike Davis

A lot of people have heard the term, API, but are not aware of details around it. There is no denial to the fact that APIs are becoming the backbone for a large number of businesses. Today, they are widely used, which is beyond your expectations. The importance of an API is gauged from the fact that all powerful apps are powered by highly specialized APIs. Thus, all mobile app developers are paying attention to using APIs. AppDexa has published an infographic that can help you in understanding about API.

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API is known as an interface between several software programs that enable interaction the way end-user facilitates communication between computers and the human beings.

What is possible with APIs?

With APIs, it becomes easy to:

  • Add a Facebook ‘Like” button to your website.
  • Share what you’re listening to either on Spotify, Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Click to share an article on LinkedIn.
  • Compare products, prices or features from a smartphone.
  • Engage with Yelp, Stubhub and many other apps to find an answer.

Application Programme Interface

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There is nothing wrong in saying that APIs are the most important part of the web or mobile business apps. APIs play a vital role in allowing seamless integration. They have the potential to generate business from external sources. Several mobile app development companies are building best-in-class APIs for different businesses. A talented team of API developers of top app development companies offers high-quality services to all businesses irrespective of their size and nature. This week’s infographic is all about highlighting crucial information and statistics about Application Programming Interfaces.

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