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A Guide To Educate On Creating Your Very First Mobile Application

June 27, 2017 by Mike Davis

Are you also among those few who have got a great mobile app development idea burning in your brain and have no clues on how to kick-start the procedure? In case, you have nodded to the query, you are at the right place. Appdexa endeavours to bring you the elements of creating your very first mobile application successfully. Being a universally acclaimed marketplace, Appdexa has taken an additional responsibility of educating the users on a number of topics related to mobile-app-domain. And, this time it is all about mobile app development.


Here Are The Process To Follow :

Defining The App Development Goal

Mobile app development goal differs from a company to other. Thus, define the same about your application. Having a clear idea on what to develop eases the mobile app development procedure.


The Wireframing

Wireframing is the initial sketching of your application. Having the designs on the paper makes it really easy to follow the process as planned earlier. Creating wireframing saves the time as well.

A Guide To Educate On Creating Your Very


Defining The App Backend

Taking the wireframes as the foundation of your application, it is now time for you to define the app backend. During the phase, you need to mention the server, APIs, data diagram, etc.


Prototype Testing

Now it is the time to test your wireframing and it is the best approach to seek the advice of the experts. Ask them about the feedbacks and the flaws your app is having to rectify them afterwards.


Developing The App Skin

Skins are the individual screen of an application. This is the phase to convert your wireframes into high-resolution screen by developing all the essential functionality of the same.


Improving The App Details

This is the phase to improve the designs. You can monitor each detail and bring improvement in the same if there is any such requirement. Try to bring user-centric elements in the apps.


Testing The Final Version

Testing is the most important part of any application development process. It is the last chance to mobile app developers to correct the flaws in their application to offer the best experience to the users.


App Listing in PlayStore

Depending upon the type of the application, you need to list your application in the app store. Google and Apple app store follow two different procedure. Therefore, developers must follow the related guidelines.



Developing your very first mobile application is of course a hard nut to crack. It includes a number of structured processes to conclude mobile app development successfully. Through this infographic, Appdexa has taken an initiative to aware the users about the basics of mobile app development. This guide is thus dedicated to educate the users about the methods that have been proved to be worthy while indulging in mobile app development process.


About Appdexa

Appdexa has been developed with a futuristic vision of being a global marketplace. It endeavours to register mobile app development/marketing companies to participate in their lead generation. The platform is also dedicated towards users to help them choose the most reliable company under mobile app development domain. With a short time-span, the global marketplace has gained influential reach to some of the global destinations.


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