Develop a Mobile App Like Starbucks For Better Business Growth

How to Create An App Like Starbucks: A Look At the Cost Aspect

September 25, 2017 by Eric Miller

Starbucks mobile app strategy has been paying exceptionally well to the company. The digital payment system that Starbucks utilizes is a well-explained example for a number of mobile app development companies to utilize similar approach for their payment wallets. With Starbucks, users can easily place their orders, pay ahead and receive the same from the outlet without spending time in long queues.

How to build a mobile ordering app like Starbuck is a question that normally strikes to individuals. Starbucks is one of the best order-and-pay types of applications that can act as the case study for millions of mobile app developers globally. The article is going to talk more about the development as well as the cost aspect of such a mobile app. Here come the major insights.

The Basic Starbucks Payment Mode

Payment method of Starbucks

Starbuck Mobile App Development Cost Aspect

The bitter pill for mobile app development companies is they cannot tell the precise and the entire cost of mobile app development beforehand. So, the question still remains the same, how much does it cost to create a mobile app like Starbucks? To find the answer, let’s walk together on a journey that will reveal all about the cost of mobile app development.


The structure of Starbucks mobile apps goes like: Backend>Native platforms development (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.) >Design/UX>Quality assurance(testing and bug fixing).

Now, have a look at the factors influencing the cost of apps developed by mobile app development companies.

  • Hiring Mobile App Developers’ Team

The cost of hiring mobile app developers depends on the prerequisites of application development. The features of mobile apps differ from one to another and so is the cost for the same.

  • App Platform

One of the options to limit the cost of mobile app development is to choose an affordable platform such as Xamarine and PhoneGap.

  • Complexity of an App

The complexity of an application depends on the number of functionalities in the app, use of external tools, resources and much more.

  • App Design

An app must be engaging, intuitive, dynamic and user-friendly. Every single component adds to the cost.

Here is an estimation of the estimated cost of mobile app development

App Dev Cost

A Note On Technology Mobile App Development Companies Can Utilize

Mobile apps like Starbucks work equally well for Android, iOS, and Windows. And the payment method includes the programming languages like HTML, Microsoft.NET along with additional development tools. These include Modernizr, JavaScript library for HTML5 and Polifill for web browsers. As an app user, one need not to go into the technical aspect of a mobile app development as it is a matter of concern for mobile app developers.

Starbuck App Features

Starbucks app feature

The Conclusion

As mentioned above, the cost of developing a mobile app differs depending upon the type of functionality that will be included in the application. Additionally, the use of methodology, technology, and the functionality will also affect the entire cost of mobile app development. The requirement of the clients will also affect the cost aspect of mobile app development.


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