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The Cost Incurred to Hire an Android App Developer

December 19, 2016 by Appdexa

The cost for developing a Android based mobile app is very much dependent on the complicated nature of the app. The app cost also depends on the considerations for using some existing designs, for which the code is already present and whether the app is using a bespoke design. The skillsets and the experience of the developers also matters quite a lot, while calculating the app cost.

What is the Function of an Android Developer ?

The popularity of the Android based devices are increasing day by day as they are flexible, versatile and above all user-friendly. The developers must have enough experience starting right from UI/UX design, coding and database integration as well as testing of the apps.

Life cycle of Android Application Development:

Discovery and Research

The discovery phase is essentially the first step to be taken, well in advance to the production phase based on the app idea. You simply need to have clarity on the problem in hand that is addressed by building this application on the mobile idea. You need to know who are the competitors and who are the audience of the application.

The documentation on the tech specifications are prepared and what comes next is the wireframing of the app, which is User Experience (UX) map. It also includes the User interface design(UI), with a natural flow through your app.

Design and Software Planning

This is the phase when a visually appealing design is created, other than an intuitive UI and an engaging UX. This works in collaboration with the development phase.  The Android developer utilizes its skill sets on  Adobe Creative Suite and Android Studio.

There is yet another phase that works in parallel to the design phase. The architecting of the app is a mandatory phase, preventing a complete rewriting of the app, when the app needs to grow.

Coding and Integration

This is one of the complex phases in the app development life cycle. It is iterative and has a feedback that happens between the designer and the developer. The system architecture is built, while creating the various functionalities of the app.


In this phase, the Android developer will run the app on the Emulator, testing screen by screen or install the app on the chosen device, on which the testing will be carried out. This will ensure that there are no bugs in the apps.


The developer prepares the app for a release, with the preparation of what is called the release-ready APK, which is optimized and there is clean up of the code. The app must meet the requirements of UI, quality and compatibility.

Estimation of the Cost of Developer

The project goals and requirements helps to estimate the probable cost of the developers. The cost of the Android developers involves the following aspects:

Timeline of the Project and Deliverables

The deliverables from the project is dependent on the features of the apps and also the time taken for project completion. The phases mentioned above will be needed up to varying extent, depending the type of app developed. A messaging app will need a back-end integration and supporting database.

Experience and Rate to Hire App Developer

The rate to hire an app developer is dependent on the experience of the developer. The rate is often affected by the experience of the developer on recent technologies, if that is what is needed. When a new app is created only an expert-level developer is needed for taking the project up to completion stage. A developer with narrower expertise is chosen for simple activities like bug fixing.

Complexity and Scope of the Project

The scope of the project and the type of developer needed must be advised by an expert developer with knowledge of various frameworks, languages and project management skills.

However, the app never gets done and requires follow-up work with updates and patches as well as bug fixes.


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