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Which Mobile App Development Path To Choose Among Native, Hybrid & Web

May 29, 2017 by Mike Davis

Mobile app development companies are getting serious about the platforms they choose for creating applications. At one hand, where such services are available with a number of companies; there is still some conflict on choosing the best development path among native, hybrid and the web. It is not possible to predict the win of a single platform over others and thus the info-graphic talks more about the insights on every platform. As the race among these platforms is heating up, here is an insight from Appdexa on choosing the best among the equals.

Here Comes the Analysis:

The Trend of Native Apps

Choosing native app category is beneficial as it speeds up the performance of your application. The percentage of users in the US using Native and Hybrid apps is near to 86%, which reflects the huge popularity of these platforms.

Hybrid App’s Popularity

Hybrid apps have become more common for enterprises today. And, the best thing about these apps is that one code base serves multiple platforms. Hybrid mode of mobile app development is getting recognition globally now.

Mobile Websites

Appdexa’s analysed and has found that 14% of the total time of app users is spent in browsing mobile websites. This offers great app like experience to the users browsing through such applications.

The Mobile Experience

It has been researched that only 79% of total mobile app users would not try using an app more than twice in case it is not functioning well. Only 16-20% users would attempt for the third time.

Infographic App Development Path

The conclusion

The choice of a mobile app development platform matters for sure. However, if any mobile app development company is offering a superb experience to the users, they are sure to win their hearts. It will ultimately boost the overall sales, which is of course a benefit for that particular firm.

About Appdexa

Appdexa has achieved a global position as a renowned marketplace that registers mobile app development companies at its podium. The team at Appdexa works dedicate to bridge the gap between clients and companies. The marketplace endeavors to offer business leads to the companies and exceptional services to the clients searching for app development as well as app marketing company services.Being a globally renowned platform, the marketplace is continually providing exceptional services to the clients settle in different parts of the globe. Providing dedicated support to clients is one of the aims of Appdexa.


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