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The Contribution of Cloud and AI in Digital Economy

June 1, 2017 by Janet Scott

Let’s consider a future wherein devices are smarter enough to collect all your data and process it more precisely to offer better output. What if we only need to have a conversation with our smart gadgets to get the job done. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, the scenario is not far away owing to the development in cloud and AI technique, the gen next technology. The successful acceptance of these technologies is helping them flourish like never before.


Every business in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace is burdened with a heavy bunch of challenges. It needs to perform well, generate revenue for ongoing business processes and additionally make use of flourishing technology like AI to remain innovative. Quite a lot to accomplish. In addition to all this, there are challenges too that say:

  • How technology should be used for implementing it in the best possible way for users.
  • What tools and processes should be used to build new prototypes and evaluate their importance in business profit.
  • How can IT maintain the security concerns that are related with the usage of innovative tools in the business.

Even though these challenges seem to be tough ones, AI and cloud have offered exceptional ways to tackle through them successfully.

AI in the Cloud Today

The capabilities of AI in the cloud computing have extended extensively in today’s digital economy. Services such as Google cloud vision or natural language APIs have been developed to leverage users with the effectivity of the services. AI software is supporting cloud technology on a very basic level. As the technology will grow, it sure to offer a massive support.

AI Infrastructure Services

The next gen of cloud computing software will get extended support from AI technique to boost up the storage, computing and security in the smart devices. The slow but steady growth of AI as well as cloud computing is sure to bring smarter ways of user interaction in the near future.


Possibilities of AI Powering Next Phase of Cloud Computing


Till date, cloud computing has been explored much more than the elements of artificial intelligence. The latter is more promising and an exceptional technology that is sure to redefine the ways we communicate with virtual assistance. AI has got some very interesting elements that could power the next gen of cloud computing in an exceptional way.

Additionally, technological geeks can work on such a cloud framework that offers the best support to artificial intelligence infrastructure. As the technology is growing with a lightening speed, we are sure to experience some new innovative technology coming towards us.


Bidding Adieu  

The space, ways and trends in digital technology are changing with a lightening speed. As per the current scenario, we are sure to experience something very innovative. Both AI and cloud computing have got immense potential to change the way we use the technology today.


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