Select Mobile Prototyping Tools for Better App Development Approach

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Prototyping Tools

July 20, 2017 by Eric Miller

The simplest way of defining prototyping is designing the sample of a mobile app or a product. As the technology has already spread its wings, it has become much necessary for Mobile App Development Companies to invest in mobile prototyping tools for better output. The popularity of prototyping tools in the mobile industry needs no mention today. These tools are the primary requirement of mobile app developers for making their journey smooth enough.

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Before I take you further, let’s analyze why you need a prototyping tool? As the technology is changing with an influential rate, you need to be well aware of all the parameters in the related domain. In case, you are someone related to the mobile app development domain your need to have a better insight of the technology in order to embed the same into your mobile application development approach.

Let us help You take a Step closer in the Journey of Finding the Most Suitable prototyping tool. While choosing Your Mobile App Development Prototyping Tool, Ensure the following conditions:

Interactive Fidelity

Interactive fidelity can be found at different levels. But, it depends entirely upon you as a Mobile App Developer to choose the communicative flow. You can either go with the static flow or there is also an option of going for multi-step interaction. Go for the former if you are looking for conceptual and usability testing. There are exceptional features that include a clickable area with the hyperlink. The later is the choice for those who are interested in documentation kind of prototyping.

Visual Designing

One of the most important aspects if you are looking for instant visual designing through prototype tools for the mobile app development. While choosing the elements, it is important to keep the requirements of the project deliveries into the mind.

application designing

The best bet is to get help from your UX team for choosing the best tool as these professionals have the best idea on the visual design for instant appeal. There are three different designing level comprises of High, Moderate as well as Low Level. Cloud based tools are also available in case you are focusing more on the illustration.

The Animation and the Motion

It is one of the vital aspects that cannot be overlooked by mobile app development companies while choosing the mobile prototyping tool. Animation based tools can help in the easy communication of even complex interactions. Going for inbuilt animation based tools will provide the maximum output.

Tools for Gesture

Mobile prototyping tools for gestures are also important for including the gesture input. There are two different categories in mobile prototyping for gesture including built-in gesture and multi-finger gesture. You can choose among Blueprint, POP, Xcode and more. These tools have got additional features including flicks, taps, and swipe. Tools in multi-finger category include Hammer and Axure.

The Conclusion

These are the most vital factors for choosing the best and the most important prototyping tool for your next big mobile app development project. While the count of tools is numerous, the most important thing to keep in mind is choosing a tool depending upon the basic project requirements.


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