Why Choosing Hybrid Platform For App Development Strategy Matters

Why Choosing Hybrid Platform For App Development Strategy Matters

December 13, 2016 by Appdexa

The current age technology is altering everything be it our way of business or the mode of payment that has almost gone online. All thanks to the cutting edge app development techniques that are rolling today! Among all the buzz that has been created by the innovative technology of developing applications, cross platform mobile app development is something to look for.

For the novices out there who are not aware of cross platform mobile app development, here is a glimpse on this trending technology. Prior we dive deep into the details, let’s explore what cross platform apps are all about.

Cross Platform Mobile Applications

As per its name, cross platform mobile applications are those that can be used on diverse platform. The approach is trending with the ongoing trend of Bring your own device or BYOD. Bring your own device refers to the implication that employees can utilize their personal handheld devices rather than using desktop computers. In fact companies are also giving a thumbs up to this initiation by providing mobile devices to access company’s details and data as well. Owing to this new technology, it has now become imperative for businesses to develop an app for their services and direct them towards mobile devices operating on different platforms.

While much has been talked about this innovative technology, let’s explore a bit about the development tools used for cross platform mobile app development. Here comes the extended list.


Innovative, exceptional and having attributes of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS is probably the best justification to the introduction of PhoneGap. Apps that are fabricated for Windows and Blackberry also utilize this amazing technique for creating user centric applications. PhoneGap has been introduced by Adobe as a free resource that can effortlessly be used by app developers.


Sencha utilizes web standard such as HTML5. The technique is easy to use and saves significant time of developers. As a leading JavaSCript framework, Sencha is gaining all the attention of the developers currently.  


As a cross platform mobile app development tool, Corona is the one that allows developers to do quick coding. As time is the most significant asset for developers, Corona can help them save considerable time while coding an application.

Unity 3D

An amazing tool that makes it easy to use amazing graphics for games and app development. The best thing about this tool is that while the developers are busy in coding, they can also export the game to 17 different platforms.

A Glimpse into the Future Aspect

While the app development technique is gaining all the applauses from the developers, there is a fair possibility of growth in the related platforms. As soon as new technology will be launched, developers will get new and effective tools to initiate coding for applications.

Signing off

Mobile apps are meant to reach to the audience, give them an access to explore business websites, make the browsing easy for them and finally get the leads for the trade. The app development technology and strategy is growing every single day providing new aspects to the developers.


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