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The Chatbot Revolution : Dawn of a New Era

June 2, 2017 by Eric Miller

Chatbots are really amazing, aren’t they? They are probably the best devices that have utilized “artificial intelligence” in the most exceptional way. Who has thought humans will be assisted thoroughly with these chat enabled devices? Well, technology has gone far away from our imagination and chatbots provide the best example to the same. Well, it’s been quite a long time since these devices have been developed, designed and utilized by almost all of us.


Presently, chatbots are popular in consumer space. Mobile app development companies are trying really hard to assist their clients to the fullest. With the same reason, the momentum of chatbots is hugely growing. Companies like Taco Bell, Expedia, KLM airlines and many more are making the best utilization of these bots to let users order food, book flights and even get their grocery from online stores. A step forward to make our lives more luxurious.


Let’s Discuss this Chatbot App Evolution in Detail!

Chatbots value in Generating Enhanced ROI

ROI, a term that satisfies the retailers and the marketers the most. Well, chatbots have improved the user experience to a greater extent that implies for better ROI. In addition to this, chatbots have also contributed towards better customer relationship management or CRM. For example – “Slackbots” such as Troops play a vital role in connecting CRM software with slack, which allows easy pushing and pulling the data. It definitely eases the sales process for the marketing team.


Chatbots in Context with Digital Transformation

Without a shadow of doubt, we can say that chatbots have helped exceptionally to bring transformation in this digital era. Today, customer service opportunities are largely powered by chatbots. And, they are doing the best. With chatbots, companies would get better chances to develop interfaces that could easily interact with customers. The better the interaction, the better the customer response.


Challenges for the Ongoing Chatbot App Revolution

Natural Language Processing

There is a huge bunch of coding that goes into chatbot development. Developers need to master the syntax in order to let chatbots work with our command. For example – if you ask your virtual assistant like Siri about “what’s the weather?” you will get the answer. However, if you ask, “could you please check the weather?” you might not get the answer. To get around this problem, developers need to work on chatbots that could understand all the ways we say something.


Human Intelligence

The technology will get as capable as the developers will build them. We are in an age where machine learning is growing like never before. Rather than focusing on the fact that humans must understand any typical engineering process, what about teaching machines to understand us?


The Future

Chatbots are the toddlers who are learning to speak their very first word. The technology is one promising for the enterprise world. There are a number of benefits that we can have by exploring the capabilities of chatbots or chatbot apps. As the future of these devices is promising, we are yet to see some amazing bot powered techniques coming our way in the future.


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