Bitcoin Revolution: All About Developing Bitcoin Powered Wallet App

Bitcoins have recently made their evolution in the mobile app development ecosystem and soon proved to be the most trending digital payment system for companies trending in cryptocurrencies. The trend of bitcoin has grown exceptionally well in the past few years helping companies to build their own payment gateway. As the concept is an innovative […]

Planning to Build the Best Chat-bot? Consider These Platforms

Chatbots have their names in the list of the best innovations that are developed by mobile app development companies lately. To put it simply, Chatbots are software designed to perform specific task of stimulating chat with the users. Such chats are all about satisfying the clients’ questions about a service offered by a particular mobile […]

IoT Today and Tomorrow: Three Ways The Technique is Reshaping The World

IoT is one of the techniques that is continually expanding the scope for mobile app development companies to create innovation in their field. The idea behind this continuous expansion is to establish an interrelated connection among devices, smartphones, and computers. Internet of Things is changing the world at a lightening speed. IoT enabled devices allow […]

An Insight on the Current Wave of “Micro-Apps” Trends

Micro – simply tiny in size, but why it has become so prominent in Mobile App Development Domain? For understanding the role of “micro apps” in mobile app development companies, let’s get started this way. The core app development process we follow today is very much sluggish. It involves a long app development procedure to […]

What Future Has in Store for Existing Mobile App Development Technology

The internet is flooded with the “Hybrid” and “Native” apps. Predictably, some have developed the taste for former and some like the latter. Whatever be the reason, the contribution of Hybrid, Native and Web apps can never be declined in the growth of mobile landscape. Be it hybrid, native or web applications, every single platform […]

The Utility of AR Apps for Product Comparison

Technology has surpassed almost all the assumptions that we used to just think of a few years back. AR or augmented reality apps are the true example to it. In case you have paid attention to the graphics that appear in the form of score when you watch a match or play those virtual games […]

A Guiding Note to Developers : Latest Updates in Google I/O This Year

Google needs no mention. And, the company’s contribution in mobile app technology is just exceptional in a number of ways. As the giant keeps on unfolding latest Android versions year after year; we, at Appdexa routinely analyse the trends in the app development. This time the analysis has been done on the trends that are […]