A Guiding Note to Developers : Latest Updates in Google I/O This Year

Google needs no mention. And, the company’s contribution in mobile app technology is just exceptional in a number of ways. As the giant keeps on unfolding latest Android versions year after year; we, at Appdexa routinely analyse the trends in the app development. This time the analysis has been done on the trends that are […]

WWDC 2017 : Everything Apple Announced in its Annual Conference

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 was a full-fledged affair for both the consumers and the developers. There were a number of announcements for the upcoming years and the approach it will have for the development of Apple’s most popular devices. Apple covered a number of categories while making these announcement and the major categories were: […]

Apple Started “Made In India” iPhone SE Production

Giving a pause to all the speculations that were made about Apple’s iPhone SE production in India, the giant has taken the much required move to start the manufacturing. Implementing its longstanding goal of getting into the world’s second largest smartphone market, the company has successfully completed its first trial of production of iPhone SE […]

Google’s Venture In AI Focused Capital Program

Being one of the globally acclaimed organizations, Google is one such entity that keeps on venturing into new technology-based programs. The organization is also known for utilizing the best available technique to offer the best user experience to the clients. Google keeps on creating the headlines and this time the giant has announced its arrival […]

Android Instant App : An Overview on the Latest Google Technology

Google can be synonymized as the hub of innovation when we talk about the latest technology. Whether it is about Android app development or launching a new technology or stunning the users with revolutionary techniques, Google steals the show every single time. And, it is almost impossible to talk on each of Google’s innovation in […]

Android O : Latest Features & Reviews

As its next series of version, Android O has been rolled out to bring an exceptional app developing experience to the developers. Taking further its legacy of keeping the developers as well as users on its toes, Android has once more surprised all its admirer across the globe. As we know that every latest Android […]

Key Components to Plan your Mobile Budget in 2017

Previous years have remained influential in creating mobile strategies that are affordable, exceptional as well as user centric. As innovative technology has already surfaced in mobile app development industry, the development cost for the same is increasing every year. In such a competitive price market, saving on the cost of development is something that every […]

App That Tracks Students Well-being

There is a tremendous potential for innovatively using mobile technologies in the field of education. Ubiquitous mobile learning is enabled by the rapid advancements in the mobile computing technologies and the abundance of mobile software applications. The innovative mobile apps evokes interest among the educators as it facilitates learning and teaching. But, there is dearth […]

Restaurant Mobile App Helping to Cut Food Wastage in UK

It is indeed important for your restaurant business to build up a strong mobile presence. Starbucks, which is supposed to be trendsetter in the food and beverage industry, as per a report conducts 16 % of their monetary transactions through just the mobile apps. However, it is not easy to merely sign up with a […]