Facebook Launches Portal, Its Hands-Free Video Calling Device For Home

Facebook finally unveiled its home-based video calling device for the people to stay connected. The device, which the company named Portal comes with Alexa support and its camera is capable of zooming the users by following wherever they go in the room. Currently, the social media platform launched Portal in two version one with a […]

10 Simple Steps To Build A Successful Mobile App

So, like most of the entrepreneurs, you also have an app idea buzzing in your head but don’t have a clear vision of how to execute it. The mobile app industry is at the peak in terms of revenue and growth, the expansion of the industry is only expected to accelerate in the coming years. […]

Top 10 Mobile Payment Applications That You Need To Check Out

Back in the day, when smartphones first came into the market they offered services like being a watch, torch or even a compass. With year after year upgrades, today’s smartphones hold the power to take over the world. Looking at the current scenario, an individual’s smartphone and smart device act as a replacement for Television, […]

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

The bottom line today is you need mobile. The world is going mobile and thus you need to be mobile too and the solution lies in investing in a mobile application that could measure the scope of your services in the market. The core functionality of mobile applications does not merely revolve around making the […]

Wearable: Innovation & The Psychology of the Technology

Wearable technology has grown exceptionally well in the past few years. Be it Apple, Samsung or any other mobile app development company, the craze of wearables is growing more than ever. Products like Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and Apple Watch have made this technology much more promising to us than it was before. Best wearable […]

Enterprise Mobile Apps: Impressive Stats About The Business

Transforming ideas into innovation yearns for a well-analyzed excellently-developed and impressively-executed strategy. Every domain in mobile app development is increasing tremendously be it the web or enterprise mobile app development. The credit, of course, goes to mobile app developers for developing business-specific enterprise mobile apps for companies. The role of enterprise apps is tremendously increasing […]

How Mobile Apps will Reinvent Healthcare Industry

With the advancements in the mobile app development sector, mobile apps are revamping all spheres of human lives. It’s changing the way we consume information, meet people, exchange ideas and consumer goods and services. The potential of maximizing excellence in human health is yet unexplored. Considering the fact that there are more than 2 million […]

Augmented Reality SDK: Top 6 Development Kits for iOS & Android App Developers

The mobile app development industry is getting closer to utilize futuristic techniques, AR being one of the most exceptional examples of the same. The giants in app development industry have already started making the best utilization of the technique be it the iOS-powered smartphone or a handset having the core functionality of Android operating system. […]

The Role of Mobile Apps in Imparting M-commerce Benefits

Mobile apps are playing an important role to help generate business for mobile app development companies. In order to reach to their clients easily every single business is investing in an app. Outreaching to audience has become easy through applications. Additionally, a number of apps have been developed in order to leverage the benefits of […]

Appdexa Research Analysis: Mobile Apps Facts And Figures

Appdexa has remained in the mobile app development research space for a long time. As a research and analysis firm, our role includes keeping a close watch on the industry trends and the mobile apps facts and the figures. When you talk about the figures concerning the mobile app facts, the number is never constant. […]