How Mobile Apps will Reinvent Healthcare Industry

With the advancements in the mobile app development sector, mobile apps are revamping all spheres of human lives. It’s changing the way we consume information, meet people, exchange ideas and consumer goods and services. The potential of maximizing excellence in human health is yet unexplored. Considering the fact that there are more than 2 million […]

New Mobile App that helps Kiwi Women Battling Breast Cancer

The apps are generally highly innovative in nature and provides real-time updates of the information obtained from relevant sites. There are a whole plethora of apps that offer support to people who are battling a serious illness like that of breast cancer. A disease like breast cancer invokes fear and lots of confusion. There is […]

Hackney To Make Pre-School Learning Easier

The trust has decided to launch an all new education app to help overcome language barrier for pre-school children. Although many departments suffer from the misconception that developing an app will take a long time, is going to cost more and then would end up not working properly, Hackney has decided to launch an app […]