10 Highlights To Emit In Your RFPs

There are thousands of press releases shrieking in the mobile app development sector, requesting for proposals but the ones that win the bids entail certain practices that define them from the rest. To ensure success with an app, a key role is played by the mobile app development company and its design strategies. To covet […]

The Importance Of Discovery Phase In The Entire App Development Ecosystem

Discovery is the foundation for the lasting success. And, this crucial aspect is very much vital to mobile app development companies. A successful app development roadmap could set the right tone for the entire app development process. One should be very much clear about what they desire to get concrete results from the app development […]

The Role of Mobile Apps in Imparting M-commerce Benefits

Mobile apps are playing an important role to help generate business for mobile app development companies. In order to reach to their clients easily every single business is investing in an app. Outreaching to audience has become easy through applications. Additionally, a number of apps have been developed in order to leverage the benefits of […]

What is Appdexa And Why You Should Know About It

There is good and then there is better than the rest! Amidst the sales pitch of thousands of companies, it becomes impossible to hear the ones that offer what you want. Now make smart choices with high-quality research on Appdexa. The company is one of the latest addition in mobile industry that connects its clients […]

The Present Stats of Mobile Commerce and the Future it Holds

In a world of 24*7 connectivity, there is an urgent need for your business to remain connected with your clients as much as possible. Mobile commerce could help exceptionally well in this effort. The concept has been introduced lately but mobile app development companies are making the best utilization of the same. Wireless handheld devices […]

Mobile Commerce Trends: 2017 & Beyond

It is the mobile era and mobility advantages have won the hearts of millions. Technology is playing a prominent role to make these benefits profound for the users. First, it was e-commerce and now m-commerce, the trends in mobility are redefining the mobile browsing experience for the users. And, when it is about winning the […]

The Basics of Creating MVP in Mobile App Development

All the highly successful apps, mature enough today share something in common. They started as a very basic application having a few features. And, with the technical evolution in mobile app development domain, they were added with functional features. Such a development approach needs a lot of time and investment in order to take your […]

Inside Appdexa: Productive Tips And The Best Practices To Follow

We, at Appdexa, the global marketplace for mobile app development companies consider ourselves the productive beings. For us, productivity means creating an output that promises exceptional results. Our global visibility in a few month’s of time presents the best example of it. The desire to make the most of our time helps us remain motivated […]