Tips to Deal Successfully with Tough Project Deadlines

Deadlines can be stressful enough to give you those horrifying nightmares. Dreams that can scare you like anything. You won’t be wishing for the same and thus the idea is to ensure you meet project deliverables dates. It is not a cakewalk to meet the deadline on the time. Sometimes, you have got a little […]

Get Your Mobile App Development Business Noticed

Whether you own a full-fledged mobile app development business or entering in this sector as a freelance owner, you need to have a profound profile to showcase your services to the rest of the world. Marketplaces could help you in gaining all the applauses for the business! While choosing marketplace to showcase your services, go […]

Awaiting Opportunity – Natural Product Apps!

Smartphones era has just begun now and there are so many smartphones now available in the market and so the apps. In today’s world, there are lots to create and a lot have been created. With these statements I want to say that nearly for every field apps have been build, whether it is for […]

Techies App Will Help During Haj Emergencies

During Haj about hundreds of thousands of people (Muslims) gather to show their faith and submission to God but this is also the time when a lot of people either dies due to accidents like a stampede or are disconnected from their groups. During such times it becomes hard for the people who don’t know […]

Keep Your Finances in Line with MoneyStrands

MoneyStrands: As a young, urban, socially connected individual, management of money is of utmost importance. With the world progressing towards a paperless society, keeping track of your money can get a little tricky. Effortlessly combining money management with social media, iOS new app moneyStrands should be your next download. A fairly young application, moneyStrands targets […]

Spotify Says, Apple Being ‘Anticompetitive’ To Protect

Music streaming service tags this move as ‘anticompetitive’ adding that this ‘will cause grave harm to Spotify and its customers’. Swedish digital music service, Spotify alleged that Apple is misusing its power over App Store in order to protect its own interest. The company’s General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez has sent a letter to Apple accusing the […]

TruckSmart App to Solve the Parking Problems

Don’t ram your truck into a car in frustration! Do not scratch your windshield in aggravation. TruckSmart App has emerged as a ray of hope for the truck drivers who are struggling to find a parking space at the end of their shift. On an average, 51 percent of the truck drivers stay away four […]

10 Must Know Pokemon Go Facts You Ought to Know

The app is making headlines all over the world and technology experts can’t stop talking about it. The game is attracting both young and middle-aged. The most surprising fact about Pokémon Go is, in just a few days, it has left behind leading apps like Tinder and Snapchat. While everyone is talking about tricks to […]