5 Biggest Mobile App Development Pre Launch Practices To Avoid

The saying – “first impression is the last impression” must have been coined by someone smart enough to have the knowledge of mobile app marketing business. And in case, you are lacking that hint of smartness in your working skills, no worries, we are there to offer you a helping hand. A hand to show […]

Rules to be Followed by App Store Optimization

The mobility space is bursting with opportunities and it is only App Store Optimization (ASO)  that is useful in bringing out the differences between the success and failure of the apps, in this awfully crowded marketplace. The best part about ASO is that it does not incur any cost. Optimization is the most critical factor […]

Axis Bank Launches Augmented Reality Banking Mobile App

Earlier this July, the Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokémon Go, took the world by storm with its unusual graphics and mass appeal. Successfully combining nostalgia of a bygone era with cutting edge technology, Pokémon Go soon became a global phenomenon. With millions of downloads on both iOs and Android platforms, Pokémon Go has created history. […]

Pokemon Go Makes its Way Into Android, iPhones Lagging Behind

If you’re an Android user, you can now play Pokemon Go on your phone. The game has entered the world of Android phones even before making its way into iPhones. Pokemon Go is all the rage this year. Since its launch on the 6th of July, it has garnered much attention worldwide. Millions of people […]

Good Bye Facebook Paper App!

The magazine-like construction of the display of the app gave its users a large quantity of content that gave its users an overwhelming experience of reading on versatile topics at one display. The app featured tilting, different from the usual finger based scrolling, as a different sign that permitted loading of high-resolution photos, to play […]

Reliance Games & Amblin Partners Launch The BFG Game

Reliance Games has teamed up with Amblin Partners to launch ‘The BFG Game’, which is based on the legendary movie director Steven Spielberg’s American fantasy adventure film that recently released on 1st July 2016. In this game, the players join Sophie and BFG in a journey filled with an adventure through fabulous places like London, […]