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Developing A Business Centric Mobile App Successfully

June 6, 2017 by Eric Miller

A mobile app is absolutely essential for every business irrespective of its size. As your business centric application is a separate entity, you need to develop it by embedding all the essential functions to engage the users. All thanks to the technology today that developers are able to include as many functions in an app as required to the clients. The planning is the most important phase of creating an app successfully. What more is required is described below. This is a well-researched infographic by Appdexa that talks about essentials of business centric mobile app development.

Here is the Insight:

Create Functional Mobile Apps

The global percentage of smartphone users is going to be 6.1 billion by the end of 2020. This is an opportunity for companies to engage clients in their business through mobile apps.


Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

It is the era of building cross-platform mobile apps. And, nearly 41% of developers are engaged in developing this kind of application. The trend of hybrid and native mobile app development is also on a rise.


Don’t Forget to Invest in Digital Tools

86% marketing managers (US) agree that digital tools help them perform better at their work and thus a compelling marketing strategy can increase the overall benefit. Thus, invest your time and efforts in developing an engaging business strategy.

Business Centric App

Give Preference to User Engagement

Users spend 90% of their time in mobile app browsing if compared to website browsing. In case, you develop a feature-centric engaging business application, you will have a chance to retain the clients through the app.


Testing is Important Too

Prior to the official app launch, don’t forget to test it. Check the app functionality, the UI/UX, loading time and other important features. It has been researched that 53% of mobile users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.



Apps are the necessary lifeline for your business. An application can connect your business to global clientele. Investing your time in developing a user-centric application is thus the key to add more customers to your business.


About Appdexa

Appdexa is a globally acclaimed marketplace. The platform has primarily been developed to cater to the needs of customers and companies alike. It helps companies find ideal resources looking for app development services and vice-versa. The vision behind offering a helping hand to both the app development companies as well as to the clients is to bridge the gap between them. Appdexa does a thorough research to analyze the latest trends in the app development and related domain. And, to inform the client about the latest trends, it keeps creating engaging infographics.


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