Bots against Humans – The Future of Mobile App Development

Bots against Humans – The Future of Mobile App Development

November 8, 2016 by Appdexa

The bots and the humans are proficient in doing different things. We first of all try to understand what is a bot. The bots are simple computer programs that enable certain things to happen, on the basis of some inputs. The chatbots reside within the chat products like Facebook Messenger. With 900 million people acting on the Facebook Messenger,  we talk more about chatbots, while talking about the bots. The chat products are currently based on conversation between the humans with the other humans.

Difference Between the Computers and the Humans

The computers have amazing ability of computation. They perform a multitude of activities such as calculating numbers, looking up data and even returning the best one among the millions of fact-based options. But, they lack in the capability to understand human emotions. We see the advent of natural language processing capability of the computers, but they are far away from the capability of humans in understanding reading between the lines and understanding what is asked for.

The humans are not that capable in computation, but are adept in understanding empathy and thereby human emotions. We have persuasive abilities and ability to become frustrated. We have reasoning and listening skills. So, world class customer communication will  need the humans. The bot technology has the ability to perform low level and repetitive tasks. In this regards,  the chatbots are beneficial in providing valuable customer support, in the form of answering queries from the customers, enabling the customer support personnel to perform the higher level activities. The chatbots have limitations too, they are effective in answering simpler answers to questions, providing a win-win situation. The effect is that the support staffs are increasingly posing as strategic assets for the successful organizations.

Advent of Robots

We see the robots are everywhere. Automation is shaping the businesses as they focus on increased productivity, with enhanced efficiency. In fact, automation aims at taking over the tedious tasks performed by the humans, for ages. The advantage is that the robots do not sleep, eat or get paid. So, the productivity of the humans are increased to a great extent and the robots help in the realization of full human potential. The era of Artificial Intelligence is about empowerment of the robots, for reaching new levels of success with faster, better robots, which are unimaginable so far.

We will see more and more automation solutions by the mobile app development companies, but we see the usage of mobile app development in the areas of testing, maintenance and customer support along with certain areas of developmental work. Despite the fact that the bots find an important application in the area of customer communication, we see the invasion of the bots in solving the interactive design problems, without any better solutions over the already existing solutions.

Humans, prefer to talk with humans and not with bots. You will always need a human to talk to you for help, when you walk across a store. If the customers have the misconception that they are conversing with an entity, which is a bot and not a human, the  feel good factor for the business will never happen. So, the  bots that are developed by the mobile app developers, will only see the role of bot technology in answering simple questions, but it never becomes equivalent to talking with the human, in long time to come.