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How Mobile Apps Boost Retail Sales

July 6, 2017 by Eric Miller

The M-commerce sale is boosting like anything. And, the fact that everyone of us has got a mobile phone is adding up to the same. Mobiles have given an exceptional chance to the users to remain connected to ever changing retail world. Moreover, the evolution of retail apps have given another exceptional opportunity to mobile app business to grow further.

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As it is mentioned earlier, the scope of M-commerce is increasing because of evolution of smartphones. A related search in M-commerce in US has shown that there was nearly 39% increase in the sales. As a result of this massive growth, the sales figure in the related business is expected to grow widely in the years to come.

App Industry Stat


Let’s Now Have a Peep at the Present Mobile App Business Stats :

  • There are nearly 4 billion smartphones in the world.
  • 9 out of 10 people in US own smartphones.
  • Nearly 79% people use their smartphones to shop online.
  • Tablets are continually replacing laptops.
  • Nearly 77% of the complete mobile traffic was researched to come through tablets.
  • More than 86% users find it a better option to watch the TV over their smartphones.
  • Through a survey it has been figured out that Americans spend nearly 2-3 hours per day on smartphones.
  • Nearly 29-30% users will never miss a chance to scan a coupon to redeem instantly at stores.

These whopping stats present a clear picture of the growth of mobile app business. Let’s now focus on how mobile apps boost retail sales:

How Mobile Apps Boost Retail Sales :

Mobile Apps Help in Creating a Strong Brand

Starbucks app provides the best example of how a brand could get the most out of its mobile application. The app helped the giant coffeehouse chain to build the brand image, create customer loyalty program, as well as boost the sales exceptionally well.

App Influence Starbuck

Through its application, Starbucks chose to increase the user’s’ engagement on the business in addition to boosting the overall sales.


The Benefit From Mobile Analytics

By having your own mobile application, it becomes easy to know about your users. For retailers, it gets easy to dig the data about their users and analyze the same for growing the business. Without this knowledge, it is not possible to gain the insights and the data about the same. Having all the related knowledge about mobile conversion rates will help to improve your business and loyalty towards the clients.


Personalizing Interaction with Clients

The timings of messages matter the most when it is all about personalizing the messages for the users. Delivering the right message at the right time will also help in this regard. With mobile apps, the methods of personalizing the interaction for the users become easy through push notifications and SMS ad marketing campaigns.


Key Takeaway

The world is getting more close to mobile apps and businesses are making the most out of the same. Additionally, mobile app technology is also growing prominently helping a number of organizations to add on the goodness of applications into their business. This is a well defined method to take your business to the next level.


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