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5 Biggest Mobile App Development Pre Launch Practices To Avoid

July 13, 2017 by Janet Scott

The saying – “first impression is the last impression” must have been coined by someone smart enough to have the knowledge of mobile app marketing business. And in case, you are lacking that hint of smartness in your working skills, no worries, we are there to offer you a helping hand. A hand to show you the ways towards developing a successful mobile app development strategy.

  • Why you think your mobile app development strategy would stand out from the the millions of others who are doing the same practice?
  • Is there any X-factor in your mobile application for the users?
  • Why audience should care for your app?
  • And, what’s there for the users with your app launch practices?

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User Engagement

I will be answering all these questions while developing the write-up. The write-up is also going to throw the light on the elements that developers should avoid as pre launch mobile app development practices. A number of app developers commit the mistake while launching their applications. This harms the publicity and the marketing of the app in the long run. Let’s now discuss the major considerations:


Mobile App Development Pre Launch Practices To Avoid:

MIstake 1 # App First, Strategy Second

relation of apps

Strategy is the base of creating your success story in the ever-growing mobile app development community. Have you ever given it a thought, what made apps like Snapchat and Angry Birds win over the users? It was the major offerings from the app developers that engaged the users like anything. The design of these apps were not only different from other regular applications but there was huge offering for users engagement.


Mistake 2 # Lack of Research

Google Tech

A functional app having exploding initial downloads is great. But how to ensure that the app hit the home run? Remember the much hyped “Google Wave” app that was supposed to change the web but failed drastically even in gathering the users. Although it failed but the applications provided the best example of how an app fails due to lack of research.


Mistake # 3 Not paying Attention to App Customization

Google play store and Apple store are unique in their own ways. An app that works for the former may not work for the latter. And, this implies that mobile app customization techniques for both these stores differ from one to another. Thus, the key lies in customizing your application for particular app store with a proven strategy for successful result. This will help you develop exceptional engagement for the users.


Mistake # 4 Not Having Specific App Store Optimization Techniques

There is no use of having a brilliant app that users cannot find easily. As SEO brings the visibility to a website, ASO practices can boost search result of a particular app in order to rank it in the top page. Your strategy for ASO should include an enticing name for the app that you are submitting to the app store. The name should appeal to the users. While submitting the app in the app store, try to elaborate the functionality in the description.

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Following the above written suggestions will help you launch your application with maximum perfection. As mobile app development domain is growing prominently, developers now need to follow the sure-shot success formula in order to launch the app successfully. Keep in mind the above-written points for the best app launch practice.


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