The best RSS Readers for iPhone and iPad

The Best RSS Readers For iPhone and iPad

December 12, 2016 by Appdexa

RSS or the “Rich Site Summary” is the most celebrated way of sharing any piece of content on different sites. For users, it saves their efforts of subscribing to every single site and for web owners, it offers the chance to deliver content efficiently. The visual appeal of RSS reader apps paves the way to offer a digestible feed to the readers. The approach is not only effective but also efficient in this digital era.

When it comes to RSS reader apps, the number is as vast as the websites that are dedicated to supply daily dose of news to readers. In case you are wishing to know the best apps developed and used for the same purpose, we welcome you to take this journey along with us. Here is more on the best apps available there in the App Store ranked as the best RSS readers for iPhone and iPad.

While making the list of the best RSS Readers apps, we have given preference to the applications that have both saving as well as external sharing option. The latter helps in sharing the feed with others. Depending mainly upon these two aspects, here comes the list of the best RSS Readers.


Unread is the best option for a casual user. This RSS Reader app has a free mode option. This limits the number of articles user reads. The option is worthy as the readers can get premium benefits if they are not using the app all the time. What can get better than having a bit of access for premium services that’s too for free. Unread is simple to use and quick in approach. However, services for free comes with a price that is hidden cost, and with Unread the limitation comes with the fact that the readers cannot simply add the RSS feed. They need to use accounts for adding the same. Unread supports both iPad and iPhones.

Reeder 3

The 3rd version of Reeder has a lot to offer to the users. Services like Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Feedly etc. are there to get started with. The most important news is that you can add your own feed. The browsing options make the experience a delighted one for the users. Additionally, the background color and the size can be altered as per the readers’ preferences. The icing on the cake is availability of sharing option. Reeder supports both the iPad and iPhone.


Newsify is for all those who love to read in a newspaper format. The app groups information in a gridview along with a short text or a specific headline having an image in addition. This of course enriches the user experience. There is also an option of saving any article to read later as well as sharing the same. In addition to having device support for iPad and iPhone, Newsify has also got device support for Apple Watch.

The Bottom Line

Remaining up-to-date in today’s world is more of a challenge. There are millions of websites, thousands of blogs and hundreds of videos that are launched everyday. Practically, it is not possible to browse through the content in all these categories. And, thus RSS feed is there to automatically curate your preferred content.


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