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Avoid These 5 Mistakes that will Ruin Your Mobile App Marketing !

August 25, 2016 by Mike Davis

In the recent times, over 1500 apps are launched each day on the Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. With a huge competition and traffic on building apps, it is very difficult to succeed in launching and getting your apps get famous. Only having the app will not work until unless one promotes it.

One needs a good marketing strategy to promote their app and get ahead in the competition. Usually, all the markets do promote their apps but tend to make some mistakes which cause failure.marketing

The following points to avoid when you promote your Mobile App:

1. First, the app, then the marketing strategy

The biggest and most common mistakes one tends to do is simply building up the app and launching it on the store. This gives him only half success. One can get the entire success of his app when he prepares perfect promotional strategies. This ensures sustainability in the long term. Various famous apps like Snapchat, Angry Birds are therefore famous as they were able to effectively promote their app in the target markets.

2. No research

One of the most important factors at the development stage of an app is to do research. Without research, one won’t be able to give his best and customize the app. You need to make a proper research about your target market, find the potential consumers for your app so that you can ultimately focus on giving them the required services. Also, one needs to make research about the existing competition he needs to face so that you can stand well in the competition.

3. No focus on the lifetime value of users

One has to measure his own performance and profitability to survive for a long term in the competition. This is done by analyzing the lifetime value of users. LTV measure the revenue that will be received by serving the customers during the lifetime of the app. When you have a good knowledge about LTV, you tend to avoid losses and keep the users engaged with your app for a long period of time.

4. No focus on the ASO

One needs to have focused on the App store optimization essentially so that he can reach the top at the play store searches. For this, one should make sure to use right keywords, write a good description and make all the efforts to improve their visibility in the desired results.

5. No customization of the app to a particular app store

Most of the apps on the app stores are not personalized according to their compatibility. Like Google Play Store and Apple App Store both are the app stores but one won’t work in the other without personalisation. Personalisation is thus important accordingly.

App Marketing is important for its Success

It is, therefore, important to keep the marketing strategies at the top of your preferences will creating an app and launching it. An app without marketing is incomplete. You need to spend some time making efforts in its marketing and connecting the app with millions of users.


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