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Augmented Reality SDK: Top 6 Development Kits for iOS & Android App Developers

September 26, 2017 by Janet Scott

The mobile app development industry is getting closer to utilize futuristic techniques, AR being one of the most exceptional examples of the same. The giants in app development industry have already started making the best utilization of the technique be it the iOS-powered smartphone or a handset having the core functionality of Android operating system.

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Augmented Reality is in its nascent stage but it has shown its true colors through apps like Snapchat, Yelp, and Wikitude. This article will help you to understand the basics of Augmented Reality SDK and in case you are interested in making your own AR mobile apps, keep reading to know the insights. The article will help you to expand your knowledge dimension on the utility of 3D AR development. The guide is equally useful for beginners and skilled IT developers.

Augmented Reality SDK

Here is a list of the best Augmented Reality SDK that is easy to use and meant for beginners and skilled developers alike.


EasyAR supports iOS, Android, Windows, UWP, Mac and Unity Editor alike. It is a free and easy-to-use AR kit. The latest version of EasyAR (1.3.1) has been developed to support the image recognition alone. The advanced 2.0 version has some exceptional features that include:

  • Cloud recognition
  • 3D object recognition
  • App cloud packaging
  • Smart glass solution, and
  • Environment perception


To get the benefit of EasyAR, the users only need to register their account in order to get the plugin’s key from the bundle ID. The SDK Is easy to integrate. The documentation offers easy-to-understand examples to the users making the software integration an easy-to-perform task.


Maxst supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. The SDK includes two different tools, one for environment and other for image recognition. The database is generated online via Tracking Manager. Maxst offers support only to 32-bit version in Unity Editor. The SDKs are available in free and paid version & the paid version has an additional watermark feature that differs it from the free one. The paid subscription costs around $999. The library is easy-to-use and integrate. The official website offers access to the documentation that help the users know the basics of the SDK.

Here is the Pricing Model:

Pricing Table


One of the best open source tracking libraries for Augmented Reality, which supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Smart Glasses and Linux as well. The toolkit has following functionalities.

  • Tracking planar images and simple black squares
  • Single-camera or stereo camera positioning
  • Plugins for Unity and OpenSceneGraph
  • Optical head-mounted display support
  • Free open source software


It is one of the widely used and most popular AR SDK. Vuforia supports Android, iOS, Unity Editor and UWP. Vuforia has a set of functionalities, including:

  • Text and environment recognition
  • VuMark (combination of picture and QR Code)
  • A set of visual boxes, and
  • Object scanner

Vuforia object scanner makes it easy for the users to scan and create the targeted object. There are a set of plugins that are simple and available for free and also include Vuforis watermark.

Vuforia Table


Wikitude SDK 6 is the latest version of this AR based development toolkit. It supports Android, iOS and Smart Glasses and offers the following set of functionality:

  • Image recognition & tracking
  • GEO data
  • Cloud recognition, and
  • 3d tracking technology
  • Improved extended tracking
  • Advanced camera option & positioning

Wikitude SDK

There is a free trial version for users along with the paid version that starts at the basic cost of Euro 1990. Using Unity plugin along with Wikitude helps create database of 3d images easily. However, the SDK doesn’t work with the Unity Editor.


It is an Augmented Reality library based on NyARToolkit. It supports Android and iOS alike. For now NyARToolkit is used for image identification and tracking. NyARToolkit has features similar to ARToolKit, which is why it is considered as a simplified version of the same. The library is easy to integrate and simple to use. It is available to use for free.

Key Takeaway

We have compiled the best AR SDK for android app development companies. And, the best thing about these SDK is they support a set of operating systems. Augmented Reality is a budding technology that is expected to become prominent in the times to come. This guide will help you to understand the software development kits that support AR and helps users to develop a variety of AR-based applications.


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