What all can a Mobile Ecommerce App Do for Your Business?

Are Ecommerce Apps the Future of Businesses?

How and why are ecommerce apps the smartest way to do business these days?

Updated on :
January 20th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

If your business does not already have a mobile app, you might actually be missing out on a lot of sales.

If you are still figuring out, ‘why your business needs a mobile app’, you need to seriously rethink your own market viability and business future.

With an average individual (kids and adults both) now spending more than 4 hours on their smartphones, browsing through one or the other mobile apps; their application for ecommerce has not only become unsurpassed, but also unprecedented.

What is an E-commerce Application?

The term ‘E-commerce’ basically stands for electronic commerce and it means any product or service related buying, selling or any other transaction done electronically. An ecommerce mobile application enables these transactions through the comfort of a smartphone, web or a tablet. Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, etc. are all renowned ecommerce mobile app platforms that are currently serving ecommerce applications in various industries.

How and why are eCommerce mobile apps are becoming the new trend

The concept of business application for ecommerce has already arrived and is currently in full bloom. With the worldwide viewage that they provide, mcommerce has evolved within the mobile ecommerce app domain. Let us try and understand in detail, why is it so:

1.They promote sales

The use of mobile app for ecommerce has been on a rise since the inception of the concept in 2008.

In fact, according to 99Firms’ e commerce Statistics for 2020, the ecommerce market is expected to garner more than 95% of all purchases by 2040 and most of this share is touted to happen through mobile apps and smartphones. So, if you do not already have or intend to develop a mobile app ecommerce option, you might just end up losing out on these sales options altogether. No future minded entrepreneur would want that.

2.Easy accessibility

With digital development exploding in the Asia Pacific region, the fastest growing online retail market as of now is India, closely followed by Spain and China.

The reason is the deep penetration and cheap pricing of smartphones, their technologies and internet charges. Ecommerce app enable a business idea to reach at the grassroot levels, even within the rural areas and to provide maximum returns on investments.

3.Easy approachability

Ecommerce apps are like a miniature version of your business entity within the space of the smartphone of your customers, providing a complete list of products and services you have to offer them. The global sales through these ecommerce mobile apps are touted to cross the 4.31 trillion mark by 2020.

Ecommerce Apps allow users to shop from the convenience of their homes, their rooms at any time. This makes them, and especially mobile commerce or m-commerce as they say, an easily accessible ecommerce option. Moreover, the User interface and user experience enhancing technologies like VR and AR, further help ecommerce mobile app attract customers and thus, sales.

4. A comparatively low cost investment

When some time back, businesses needed a physical shop to run, the overall business development and maintenance costs were too high. They included buying or leasing land, developing shops or stores, interior spends, staff spends, overheads, etc. With development of technology, startups now prefer to transform their ideas to reality through ecommerce app development as it requires only expert and experienced app developers or apt e commerce app builders for development as per the current development trends. The overall ecommerce app development cost thus, a business now stays comparatively low.

5. Ecommerce mobile apps promote loyalty amongst its users

Think about this, when a user tends to download your ecommerce app, they also tend to provide it with some space on their smartphones and their time(when they open these apps). It ensures that the user somewhere likes or is in need of the services that you intend to provide. When you tend to create an ecommerce app, you provide your users with a custom experience that helps them get further connected to your brand and business. In fact there are various loyalty bonuses, loyalty points and other options through which you can give back to your loyal customers and further increase sales.

6. Promotes your brand

These days if you are in the market with a business, but you do not have an ecommerce app, you are touted to be labelled as backward minded. Amongst the various ecommerce mobile app features, one of the most important is the value that it brings to your business as a marketing strategy inclusion. As per reports, one of the most common ways through which people research about a brand is by looking at its mobile app. A well made mobile app thus, not only helps you create sales, but also expand and engrave your brand value amongst the people who view it or search for its relative industry.

7. Helps in marketing your business

If you have a business, brand and an ecommerce app that is well-liked by customers, they tend to say a word about the same to their friends and family and even leave a positive review in the app stores. This is another very important application of e commerce as it helps your app rank better through app store optimization, and thus, helps your business become overall more searchable.

If your intended users like your user experience and your overall ecommerce mobile app development , they might also share the same within their social media networks, which today form the backbone of any and all business marketing strategies. This can prove quite helpful for an overall growth environment for businesses, especially for growth of small businesses.

8. Helps in tracking your user requirements:

As technologies like artificial intelligence and big data grow by the day; so do their applicability and usability within businesses and their ecommerce apps. You might have well encountered ‘cookies’ and their permissions on your ecommerce app, on this front. One of the most important business application of ecommerce apps is that they allow business owners to track what their users expect and what exactly are they looking for exactly. This information provided by an ecommerce app is invaluable for a business, as it helps a business owner to analyse where and how they need to evolve their businesses in the future.

9.Helps provide personalized services:

There are numerous technology frameworks and platforms available as ecommerce mobile app builder options. These technologies enable app owners to upload content and catalogues as per user requirements itself, helping them deliver a customized experience. Even when a user tends to order through an ecommerce mobile app, these create unique login profiles and store individual order information, helping the user track whatever they like and shop in a jiffy.

10. Shopping was never so easy

There are different types of ecommerce applications out there for different businesses. They provide users with unprecedented ease of use and brand options to choose from. As a result, ecommerce app development has been witnessing a constant surge. But, however easy it may seem, developing a mobile app through the best mobile app developers is always a challenge. But, once you are sure about it, get on the task and have an ecommerce mobile app made. It is sure to take you places!!

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