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Apple Started “Made In India” iPhone SE Production

June 9, 2017 by Mike Davis

Giving a pause to all the speculations that were made about Apple’s iPhone SE production in India, the giant has taken the much required move to start the manufacturing. Implementing its longstanding goal of getting into the world’s second largest smartphone market, the company has successfully completed its first trial of production of iPhone SE in Indian market.


The step is seen as an outstanding move from Apple to gain a strong foothold in India. The company has started building small number of iPhone production in Bangalore. With its aim to offer a strong competition to other smartphone manufacturer in India, Apple is looking out to acquiring large number of customers through this move, which is not a big dream for this giant.


iPhone SE Features in One Glance

  • Four-inch display
  • 32GB storage capacity
  • Powered by A9 chip
  • 12-megapixel camera


It is a significant move for Apple to start the iPhone assemblence in India. It is truly a big move by giant to establish itself in the profitable Indian market. The iPhone business in India is slowing down and thus to revive the trade once again, Apple has taken this significant move. But to succeed in India is rather a challenge as the country hosts nearly 1.3 billion population that is already in love with cheaper Chinese brands.


Talking particularly about the price of iPhones and certain other mobile brands in India, the country is dominated by Chinese models because of their exceptional features at affordable prices. When it comes to the pricing of iPhones, a smartphone costs around $399. Apple’s market share in India is only 2%, which is nothing in comparison with other smartphone manufacturer or marketers.


One of the most important challenges for Apple in India is to bring down the cost of smartphones in comparison with other brands. The fact that “Made in India” Apple smartphones are exempted of regular import duty that is generally imposed on smartphones could help Apple in reducing down the price of the phones. Thus, this assembled-in-India iPhones are estimated to cost around $100 less than the current units that the company is selling in India.


If these assembled in India iPhones seemed to be cost-effective, Apple can have a huge market in India. The first batch of these iPhones have already been rolled out and doing businesses pretty well. In case, it starts doing exceptional business, Apple will take some big moves in this direction. Apple is already planning to entirely manufacturing iPhones here in India.


The Conclusion

In spite of its tremendous growth in other countries, Apple is still lacking a strong foothold in India. The company is trying hard to leave no stone unturned in its attempt of attaining greater number of clients in India. However, Apple’s move to choose India as its next venture is seen as its move to get the clients and make huge profits. As India has got a huge population of users who love exploring new technology, brand and applications, Apple has a great opportunity to get the business from India.


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