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Appdexa’s Research On How Smartphones Can Contribute Towards Loyalty Card Program

June 12, 2017 by Eric Miller

In today’s business-centric world, a mobile app is much more than a handheld device. For business it is the gateway to earn increased profits and for users it is a medium to earn loyalty points by utilizing the services of a particular company. The concept of loyalty card program is not a newer one. However, it has got tremendous popularity in recent times. With the same reason, a number of companies are considering the inclusion of loyalty card program benefits in their businesses to offer exceptional deals to the clients. Appdexa, therefore, brings you a sneak peek of the concept on how smartphones can contribute towards a more effective loyalty card program.


Here is What Your Loyalty Card Program App Should Have For Users:

Number of Users Interested in Collecting Loyalty Points

Our research has predicted that 70% of users would like to earn loyalty program rewards and discounts. Additionally, 69% of users are likely to invest in a loyalty application. This is chance for businesses to invest in such programs.


Mobile App Discount Coupon

Back in 2013, 75% consumers redeemed their mobile coupons. 39% of customers said that they are ready for spending more if they get a personalized mobile coupon. And 36% of consumers were found interested in receiving mobile coupons based on current location.

Loyalty Card Program

The Customer Service

Our research predicted that 78% of consumers are interested in using mobile app services. And, thus, businesses can make huge profits from clients by investing in the same.


Importance of Click to Call Button in Apps

75% of users say that they would love to connect to the brand through a call. Phone calls are proved to offer 30-50% conversion rates, which is absolutely in the favor of the business.


Push Notification Techniques

Our survey has predicted that 46% of consumers like receiving personalized alerts. In addition to this, 77% of mobile users are interested in mobile offers such as surprise points or loyalty rewards.



The interest of smartphone users towards earning the loyalty reward points is increasing like never before. They are liking the concept of earning reward points on their purchases and utilizing the same for making profits on their next purchase.


About Appdexa

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