Infographic: Latest Mobile Apps Facts And Figures by Appdexa Research

Appdexa Research Analysis: Mobile Apps Facts And Figures

August 24, 2017 by Janet Scott

Appdexa has remained in the mobile app development research space for a long time. As a research and analysis firm, our role includes keeping a close watch on the industry trends and the mobile apps facts and the figures. When you talk about the figures concerning the mobile app facts, the number is never constant. With every new trend, there comes a revolutionary change in the figures. And, to let the users offer a glimpse of this changing industry, we, the Appdexa team, presents an infographic for the same.

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Mobile Apps Facts And Figures

  • The present number of apps in Apple store is 1230168.
  • Currently, Google Play Store has 1299573 apps.
  • Every month, nearly 40,000 new apps are released.
  • By 2017, the annual app download will grow to 200 billion apps.

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The Cost Aspect

  • iOS has 20,000 apps that cost more than $6.99.
  • The average cost of apps for iOS is $1.7.
  • Android has 10,000 apps that cost more than $6.99.
  • On an average, the in-app purchase for Android is 42%.


The facts and the figures in mobile app domain change every now and then. Appdexa, being the globally acclaimed research firm keeps a close eye on all the changing trends and the glimpse of the same has been shown in the infographic. The infographic shows the trends that are shaping the current mobile app development domain be it for iOS or the Android. Being the most used mobile app development platforms, both the iOS as well as the Android offers an exceptional platform to the developers to develop amazing apps.