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App That Tracks Students Well-being

November 3, 2016 by Appdexa

There is a tremendous potential for innovatively using mobile technologies in the field of education. Ubiquitous mobile learning is enabled by the rapid advancements in the mobile computing technologies and the abundance of mobile software applications. The innovative mobile apps evokes interest among the educators as it facilitates learning and teaching. But, there is dearth of relevant and appropriate apps. This leads to the teachers to create their own mobile apps for teaching and learning.

Challenges Faced by the Teachers in Developing the Mobile Apps

The development of mobile apps for educational purposes poses a higher challenge for the educators, who does not have the necessary background in programming experience. The effort and time that needs to be devoted to learning the code in case of the textual programming languages, makes it difficult to develop their own apps. The solution lies in the usage of visual programming languages. There are App Inventor (AI) and web-based GUI builders that allows the user to build prototype Android apps, enriched by visual block-based programming languages and drag-and-drop actions.

App Created by Teacher for Students Well Being

This is an effort towards measurement of the emotional well-being of the student. The best way for asking the students, when they face a problem is whether they have a friend to talk to or they have friends during the recess. Networks for support varies from one student to another and some students will always have higher support than others.

It is very often found that students who suffers from a bad experience outside the classroom, also suffers in academics too.

The result was the development of an app for the student, with the help of the Green River College. The web-based app called “Emotions Count” was developed. The students just answers back on some short questions related to the problems they have. Otherwise, an open form needs to be filled up with the details of whatever, is happening in their lives. The idea was turned into a reality.

For more than a period of 15 years or so, Gina Greco was resorting to using a pencil, paper and a clip art, in order to keep a track of how the 4th-graders were doing. Greco now will launch this app, in the first week of October, for her school in Auburn. She is also trying to build a web-based app for the middle and high schoolers. If everything goes well, the same will be used in the district classes too.

Teachers in the same area are flocking to Greco, for further information. It is a dream come true for a teacher like Greco. The message that intends to convey through this app is that it is absolutely ok to talk about one’s feelings.


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