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The Tale of Designing : Architect of Two Different Operating Systems

May 12, 2017 by Eric Miller

Android and iOS, Google Play Store & Apple App Store and the followers of these niche categories, all are contributing towards some new trends in mobile app industry. Admit it or not, a tiny cultural difference has grown among the users in both the communities. As the audience and the targeted geographical area differs, the profit and the yearly revenue in both the domain vary.

When it comes to comparing the user behavior in both these domains, there comes a list of striking differences. Be it upon location, behavioral demography, content preferences or the choice of apps, the selection of user’s always differs. With the same reason, the mobile app marketplace has gone through some of the biggest changes in the past few years.

Ideological Difference of iOS and Android Users:

The General Design Style

With iOS7, Apple has shown new innovation in the mobile app industry. The design has got flatter this time, which is of course something new for Apple to consider. Since years, Apple has been known for its skeuomorphic shadows, effects and texture.

Android, on the other hand, has remained systematic in this domain. In addition to this, Google’s material design has given new guidelines to designers in order to shift their attention towards providing more hierarchy in the design.

The Real Button Structure

Andorid phones have got a back button. It helps you return to the previous screen. And, the real button structure looks like:

With iPhone, there is no such case. So, to travel back to the previous screen, a pattern in the left top of the screen helps the users. Thus, the real button structure is one of the differences in the basic design of Android and iOS.

The Navigation

Navigation presents the best example of difference between Android and iOS. Android has got a drawer menu and users find this experience the most satisfactory. The menu item design helps find the apps with ease. It is another added advantage to the navigational design of Android pattern.

iOS, on the other hand, supports the tab bar. It is placed in the bottom of the screen and offers an easy access to the top level areas of the apps. Till date, Apple has been serving the same navigation to the users.

The Typography

Android uses the typography called Roboto. Android’s material design uses ample white space. It makes a design look more prominent for the users. Android believes in using light weight font design and the case go similar for the iOS font design too.

iOS, on the other hand, makes use of Helvetica Neue as its typography. The design has got more variation in font weight. With these typographical differences, the font design for both the platforms differs a bit.

Final Verdict

The difference in the design of both these operating systems have taken the trends of mobile app industry to a whole new direction. As the user base for both these platforms differs so is the designing patterns.


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