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6 Mobile App Development Myths with Effective Solutions to Check

July 28, 2017 by Eric Miller

The Mobile App Development Industry is increasing at a rapid pace. There is no denying that development of each app is not easy and this is because of the complexity involved in the mobile app development process. Sometimes mobile app developers develop ineffective apps which completely spoils the mobile strategy of entrepreneurs. However, the process of developing an app becomes even more problematic when app development myths lead to bad development implementation decisions.

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Common Myths and the Absolute Solutions about Mobile App Development Process:

Don’t Pay Attention to Wireframes and Prototypes

When it comes to mobile app development, you might have come across a tip that wireframes are useless. Thus, there is no use of investing time on them. In addition, it has also come to notice that a mobile app developer can develop apps without prototypes. However, these are all false information.  This is because you need wireframes in order to get an insight as to what your app would look like. On the other hand, the prototype will help in providing visual graphics and animation.

wireframes & prototypes

Code Everything in the Starting

You may come across people who will suggest you to code in the initial version of the mobile app. You should not follow this suggestion. You can opt for the Minimum Viable Product, known as the early version of the app. This will help you in knowing whether the app has the feasibility to launch or not. With the MVP, you can compete with your competitors. Lastly, it gives scope to further develop the app.

App will Receive Huge Downloads Once it Hits the App Stores

While indulging in mobile app development, you should not forget that your app will be one of the millions in the app marketplace. So, everyone will download your app once it hits the stores is a myth. In fact, there is a need to do some serious promotion. One such method includes ASO or “App Store Optimization”. The technique will help you to rank your application the highest in the search in order to bring visibility to your app among the app audience.

App Optimization process

Sticking to One Plan is a Wise Decision

Mobile app development is facing a cut-throat competition and here, the methodologies keep on changing. This clearly means that sticking to one plan will not bring the success. In some cases, there is a need to do some modifications even after going through the testing phase. Hence, you always have to stay ready for any change without making any assumptions.

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Once Your App is Released, the Work is Over

It is seen that every top app development company believes that once the app is developed, the work is done. The expert team of developers of such companies forgets about the maintenance and modifications etc. that could result in the possible bugs in the app. It is possible that the developer may not update the platform with the latest iOS/Android versions, which will also harm your newly developed application.

Great Features Mean a Great App

It is important to address the fact that great features do not necessarily pave the way for a wonderful app. In fact, there is a need to ask yourself some important questions.

How does this feature is beneficial for my users?
How does it makes the life of my users easier?

If you can’t answer these questions properly, the feature isn’t worthwhile.

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Wrapping Up

While developing mobile apps for your valuable clients, you have to stay away from these myths. This way you can save yourself from committing the mistake of developing a bad app. So, avoid these mistakes and get ready to give your clients a wonderful user experience.


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