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Mobile App Development : Insight on Current Scenario & Future Expansion

July 18, 2017 by Janet Scott

The Mobile App Development Industry is growing like a beanstalk. Apart from achieving so much growth, this industry is expanding exceptionally well to create space for a number of companies as well as developers. The fact that app development will keep on growing can never be declined. And, this is one of the most important reasons of expansion in this industry.

As per statistics, more than 102 billion apps have been downloaded worldwide and this number is expected to touch the figure of 268 billion by the year 2017. On the other hand, the increase in app usage will directly affect the growth in revenue in the app industry.

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Apple App Store Vs Google Play

The ongoing race between the two giant mobile app platforms is continually growing. And, there is no specific prediction about the win of a platform from another. While Android offers 2.2 billion apps, Apple users can choose from nearly 2 billion applications.

Among the growing number of app development trends, Appdexa predicts that by the end of 2017, the app revenue from mobile app development industry will grow nearly to $77 billion. This is a massive opportunity for all the mobile app business agencies looking to have their separate identity in app development domain.

App Economy

The Scenario of Mobile App Revenue

In the year 2015, mobile app industry generated a massive revenue of $50 billions that is predicted to reach further to $189 billion by 2020. The stats figure may differ a bit but the overall scenario predicts that the market is not going to saturate at least for a few years.

Revenue of Companies

The Future Prospects of Mobile App Trends

The popularity of mobile app development needs no mention today. As the trend of app development is growing, it is offering a promising future to the mobile app development companies. Here is an insight on the future prospects of mobile app development trends.

New Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile app development landscape is dominated by iOS as well as Android till date. But the upcoming mobile app development technology is expected to offer some innovative mobile operating systems to the users among which one prominent will be:

Sailfish – This independent mobile operating system will grow prominently to wash out the status of feature phones completely from the market. This will make smartphones more affordable for the users.

Powerful Processors

As the mobile operating landscape is getting innovative, all the giant mobile app development companies are opting for innovative ways. Be it Google, Microsoft, or Blackberry everyone of them is racing to offer innovative features to the users. Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5s having 64-bit processor chip offers the best example to it.


Innovative App Devices Feature

The technology is growing prominently and thus developers are now focusing on developing innovative app devices features. The users have now experienced a bunch of technology today and thus the requirement is to serve something innovative and exceptional at the same time.

The Upshot

Mobile app development has grown prominently in the past few years. The current expansion in this industry needs no mention. And, the future is also looking prominent with all the discoveries that have been mentioned above in this write-up. With all these discoveries, the future of mobile app development domain is looking prominent.


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