Importance of App Designing Strategy in Mobile App Development

Killer Designing Elements for Your Next Mobile App Strategy

May 22, 2017 by Mike Davis

Have you ever given it a thought, what makes an app preferable than other? May be the popularity, or the designing it has got, preferably the graphics or the user’s familiarity with the design. Well, all these are the sub-elements of an app’s preference over another one. What really matters is UI as well as UX. An amazing UX is the gateway to long-term app visibility and revenue generation as well. And, it is not only the UX, user interface or UI plays a role too.

You may have thought of an app that is going to be built on a virgin idea. No matter whatever the idea is, the technical aspect is always going to win at last when it is about mobile app development. Let’s think it in this way, you enter to a furniture shop, skimmed through the articles and your eyes get glued on an uber-fancy, peculiar in shape, attractively made chair. Without a hint of doubt, you may consider to buy the same. But wait! Won’t you like to sit on the chair to check if it is comfortable or not? Definitely you would.

The case goes similar with the applications, you may consider an app because it seemed an eye-candy to you, but, it is never going to win your heart, reason – a poor UI/UX. Don’t let your users feel similar about the app you are working on. Create something for them that is not only useful but also attractive (in terms of user interface). Give equal importance to user experience too when designing the application.

Let’s Take a Closer Look on how exactly You can Achieve the Goal:


Simplicity in this context mean, not at all cluttering the tiny mobile screen. Actually, it is a big “No” to even think on it. Why confuse your users with a variety of designs when you can win over their hearts, quite easily. Never imbalance your design with multiple graphics, over the top aesthetics and tons of interactive elements that is obvious to slow down your application. Just be simple in the designing and let the users browse through the simple interface of the application.


How it feels when someone at your home unknowingly keeps an object at some other place from its decade old position? It irritates you, right? It annoys you because you are not familiar with the new position of that particular object. The case goes similar with the interface of an application. For a familiar experience, keep the taps on their original position. Of course, you can try with some innovative element but not on the cost of an unfamiliar app interface.


It is important to strike the perfect balance between design and the clarity when designing the application. Clarity can easily be achieved with exceptional typography, aesthetic designs, meaningful content and the layout as well. Clarity is important when you are designing an application for users. Every one wishes to browse through an app that lives up to the expectation of the users.

The Bottom Line

Applications have become the lifeline of every business flourishing in the physical world. With an app it gets easy to connect to your users. And, designing these applications with the directions that have been explained above can help you take the services to a new level altogether.


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