Which Platform Developers Need to Choose: Battle Android Vs iOS

The Ultimate Android Vs iOS Battle: How to Choose The Platform & Concerned Developer

August 25, 2017 by Mike Davis

Congratulation on conceptualizing your next mobile app design and developing the wireframing. You must have won the half of the battle by taking these two specific decisions; but

  • what about the choice of platform?
  • Are you ready to embrace the functionalities of iOS or you would like to go for Android?
  • Still not clear on this single question?

And this specifically means you need the guidance to choose the best platform as per your requirement.

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Let’s walk together down the road in order to get a closer look at both of these platforms. This will help you make an apt choice about your next iOS/Android mobile app development company. Let’s get started.

Android & iOS Stats

Android vs iOS

Technically, there is no right or wrong when it comes to hiring top mobile app development company’s services. What matters is the kind of the app that you have developed and its compatibility with the chosen platform. For some top mobile app developers, it could be Android that is best and others may love the functionality iOS offers. In such a scenario, the best we can do is to present a comparison of these platforms and let you choose the one that suits to your needs the perfect way.

Revenue of Android & iOS

# Complexity

The Android app development ecosystem is complex than the iOS. Android has a variety of operating systems. The platform has also got a variety of devices, having their own specifications.

Contrast to this, iOS is for iPhones, iPod, and iPad. It may seem a surprising fact but almost 80% of iOS users are on the same version. However, not a single Android version hosts more than 50% of users on a single platform.


# The Audience

Apple targets the audience specifically in the US and in some parts of Europe. And trends show that Apple users tend to spend more on in-app purchase. However, Android users download the apps more frequently, but the percentage of app revenue is always high for iOS.

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Android, on the other hand, has its target audience in Asia, Africa, and South America. And, in comparison with iOS, the Android users outnumber the iOS users by 32 percent.

# Timeline for Development

The timeline consideration for these platforms is two folded: first, the development and second, the review procedure.

Android users are fragmented over a variety of devices. And, with the same reason, the timeline for Android app development is very much longer than iOS.

The Apple app store has a rigorous app submission and review procedure. Apple takes more than 10 days to review the apps that have been submitted by the top mobile app developers and still there is no guarantee whether the app will be accepted.

Pros & Cons

Skills to Look for While Choosing Top Mobile App Developers

  • Server administration skill.
  • Responsive design knowledge.
  • Server-side and client-side coding.
  • Server-side scripting.
  • Database administration and integration.

In The Conclusion

Android and iOS are two distinctive platforms for top mobile app development companies. Both of these platforms have the pros and the cons of their own. Depending upon the benefits the developers wish to garner, the choice of the platform can be made further.


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