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Android O : Latest Features & Reviews

March 23, 2017 by Janet Scott

As its next series of version, Android O has been rolled out to bring an exceptional app developing experience to the developers. Taking further its legacy of keeping the developers as well as users on its toes, Android has once more surprised all its admirer across the globe. As we know that every latest Android feature has some specification of its own, Android O is yet to amuse users with its exceptional features.

Android O has already been reviewed by some of the renowned developers. And, here we are going to reveal the most exceptional feature this new Android version. Right from the battery backup to the performance and to the background and location services, every aspect of Android is expected to add new features through this latest version.

Here is a brief on what Android O is expected to bring with it:

Long battery life and performance

With Android O, Google is trying to improve the long battery life of its devices in addition to improving the overall performance. This new version is focusing to target the areas where apps run in the background that basically do nothing but consumes considerable battery amount.

Implicit broadcasts

Implicit broadcast are another sort of problem that Google is trying to solve with the upcoming version of Android O. Implicit broadcast happens when your phone loses connectivity and then reconnects to the network after a longer time period. As soon as the connection establishes, a number of ads feature over the screen. It is one of the reasons your phone’s battery dies easily.

Background and location services

With Android’s latest O version, much stress has been given to improve background and location service as a whole. Both of these features are now used frequently by the developers. The changes have been brought to optimize and streamline the design. The change has of course made it a bit difficult for developers to work on newer devices. However, it is of course a delight for Android users.

High audio quality

Google is all set to integrate new Bluetooth settings in Android O that will improve the quality of wireless music. As per the current trend of utilizing mobile jacks, special attention has been given on improving the overall quality of the audio even through Bluetooth speakers.

Improvement in the notification

As soon as an app is installed over the Android device, a flood of notifications are directed towards user’s device even if they do not hold any importance. Multiple notifications from the same app is of course an annoying thing for the users. However, with this latest Android version, notifications are likely to be grouped together so that the total number of these messages can be trimmed down.

Keyboard support

With this latest Android O version, better functionalities are likely to be added to the apps. In nutshell, it means that arrow keys and tabs will be provided easy navigation through Android apps. This is of course a superb news for Chrome-book users but obviously not Android users. Improved elements for navigating through keyboard is sure to make app browsing experience more delightful for users.


The latest Android O version has been released with a bunch of benefits as it has been explained above. With all these benefits, Android O is sure to bring an innovative revolution in the series of Android versions released till date. This latest version has got all the potential to allure the clients as the previous version have done.


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