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Work on Android Apps that Respect Users Privacy !!

December 28, 2016 by Appdexa

Downloading Android apps can be frustrating for a number of users because of the fact that it requires access to all those features of user’s phone that are even not important. This frustrates some of the users to such a level that they sometime abandon the app. This is going to harm the reputation of the app and also the existing number of active users.

The trend of permission request is prevailing to such an extent that even apps in F- Droid repository (an open source software for Android apps) are not immune to request permission.

For users, it is not always mandatory to provide all the information requested by the apps. Being safe is better than being sorry that users may feel after providing all the unnecessary information to the apps. Thus, the bottom line for users is to remain careful while installing apps.

Later in the write-up, we are going to discuss about the apps that are designed to ask only that much information which is important. These apps are designed to cover a wide range of functionality. Such apps generally ask minimal information from users making it easy for them to download the app.

In order to make app downloading experience an engaging one for the users, the new age developers must focus on the creation of the apps that ask minimal information from user’s end. For the same, app’s source code must be developed in a way that it could work with minimal information provided by the users in order to respect their privacy.

Privacy Friendly Apps

A number of companies are focusing on the development of privacy friendly apps. One such project has been initiated by Technische Universität Darmstadt’s Security – Usability – Society research group (SECUSO). The app they are working on needs minimal permission in order to provide the access to the users. The most worthy news is that these apps are open source and the source code has been made available on GitHub. These apps can easily be found in Google play store as well as in the F- DRoid repository. Here is a brief intro of some the apps developed by SECUSO.

Dice game

A virtual dice roller designed for playing Yahtzee. The use of virtual dice makes the game an engaging one for the users.

Memo game

Memo game has been developed to focus on the tile matching game that requires users to do a little brain exercise.


A game that has been developed to track user’s speed while playing any specific game.

QR Scanner

QR Scanner scans and saves QR Codes in order to help users access the codes at any point of time when required. The codes are saved in history bar.


With to-do-list apps, viewers are provided with a calendar view app interface to help manage their tasks efficiently.


An app that has been designed with the implementation of Sudoku puzzle game.

The conclusion

Working on an app that offers an effortless access to the users without asking much information from them is the new era mobile app development mantra. In order to leverage app benefit to the users, developers must work on the guidelines that have been taken while creating the apps mentioned above. As users are inclined towards applications that could offer easy access in exchange of minimal information, it may get easier for developers to create success stories with the creation of such apps.

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