Android Application Development is a Preference Over that of iOS ?

What to Prefer Between Android & iOS App Development Platform ?

December 8, 2016 by Appdexa

Our mobile devices have multiple options for mobile operating systems. But, whether it is the individual developer or the mobile app development company, one critical aspect to be covered is the which of the mobile development platforms is on the priority list of the developer.

The choice of the platform is so crucial that it can make or break the business. Android and iOS remains as the biggest platforms for mobile app development. The smaller companies always lack in resources  in comparison to the larger corporations. Majority of the users goes for the Android platform. There are various Android development services and agencies who are always on their toes to help the companies convert their beautiful piece of idea into the reality of Android apps. There are obvious reasons for a majority of app developers opting for Android platform over iOS. Here, are the several reasons for choosing Android ahead of iOS as a platform to build your application.

Reasons for choosing Android ahead of iOS:


The Android apps are built mostly with Java and it is easy to port to other mobile based Operating systems like Ubuntu, Blackberry and Symbian. Moreover, they are easily ported to the Chrome OS and Microsoft has plans for developing features that are easily transferable to the Windows OS.

Preference for Google Play Store

It is easier to upload the Android apps to the Google Play Store, in only a matter of few hours, so that they can be downloaded, but it takes weeks to perform the same activity in Apple’s App Store. Another useful feature of the Google Play Store is that the apps can be updated several times, as a result of issues/complaints raised by the users. But, while submitting the bug fix, the Apple App Store has a much more lengthy process. So, Google Play Store is a better option for a new app, that often needs higher number of updations.

In the testing phase, it is possible to release an alpha/beta version of the app, accessible only to a select group of testers. This will help to fine-tune the app, so that a better version is released after testing. Yet another concept is the staged roll-out of the update, which mentions the a certain percentage of users who will be updated and then the crash reports and the feedbacks are monitored, before increasing the number of users.  

Java Roots

A wide variety of Android based mobile applications are based on Java as a language and it is also possible to use Java in developing applications on OS like Linux and Windows. In case of iOS platform, the preferred languages are Swift or C. However, they cannot be used for other OS, other than Apple. Universal programming are still in the nascency with Apple.

Android Studio

Android application development is based on this fast and efficient Android Studio. Setting up of  a new Android project with an Android app is relatively easy. Android Studio has the following features:

  1. WYSIWYG has real-time app layout
  2. Preview of layout on multiple screens, while editing
  3. Multiple APK file generation and variants
  4. Lint Tools for catching Issues like version compatibility, performance and usability
  5. Integration of Apps with Cloud Platform
  6. Supportive of Android Wear, TV and Auto apps


It was a belief earlier, that the iPhone users are mostly affluent class and so they were expected to download more apps. But, the scenario has changed completely. The Android apps are returning higher value for in-app purchases and initial app purchases rather than the iOS based apps. There is lower advertising cost for the Android based devices.

Market Share

This is the singular most important reason for preferring to build your application on Android platform. Android has a 78% share in the smartphone market place. An app that attracts the highest number of targeted audience must be based on a platform that draws potential customers. In the ultimate, the choice of Android over iOS is related to the success of the app.


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