Android App Development: Associated Myths Developers Must know

Android App Development: Associated Myths Developers Must know

February 20, 2017 by Appdexa

The ongoing demand and number of apps is certainly a promising trend for developers engaged in Android app development. For every new business, there is an Android app available for users that is equally delighting and engaging them. Android is a huge platform, which is constantly growing and expanding more and more with the upcoming versions.

Although Android offers a great freedom of app creation to the developers, there are some myths associated with the development today. Almost everyone of us knows that Android offers a great freedom to develop a particular app, which is true to a great extent. However, the variety of options to try out is not that expandable.

This takes us to a point to discuss the myths associated with Android app development. Here are the points of discussion.

Myth 1

There is a variety of options to try out

It is certain the age of app personalization and the category developers often choose for the same is limited only to device launchers, themes and ready to use ringtones for smartphones. Additionally, the top 10 apps in tools are limited only to antiviruses, battery savers and device cleaners.

Thus, the huge variety of Android app development gets limited to 3 distinctive category listed above. Over the past few years the popularity of these apps have declined similarly as the variety of app development options have lessen for the developers. Thus, the harsh truth is that Android developers are now restricted to create apps for a few categories only.

Myth 2

Open source development minimizes development efforts

The fact that Android is open-source platform does not mean that developers can effortlessly perform the app development tasks. It requires equal amount of dedication to create an Android app as the effort is required to develop the application for iOS platforms.

It is true that open-source platforms help to reduce the app development efforts but it does not make the job is a cakewalk for the developers. When it comes to creating the app, developers need to come out with something exceptional to engage the clients with the app.

Without Google there is no competition

Neither Google nor Facebook tops the list of apps when we talk about app personalization. Well, it does not mean that the competition in this particular area is less severe. Today, there is a race between the developers to personalize the experience for the users through app development approach.

Personalization holds prominence for developers because it helps in elevating user’s experience. The aim is to satisfy the users as much as possible and therefore the elements for personalizing user’s time is also increasing.


There is no doubt about Android being an exceptional platform for the developers. It offers a great opportunity for developers to show their coding expertise while developing the apps. However, the amount of efforts are equal that are required while working for any other platform.

Also, Android has made app development task a bit easier for the developers. And, with the same reason, it has also revolutionized the ways developers use to create an application. As Android offers a promising platform to develop the apps, it thus is used widely for app development requirements.

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