How to Explode Profit by Mobile App Monetization - Technique, Strategy

4 Ways to Actively Generate Revenue from Mobile Apps

August 2, 2017 by Eric Miller

The Mobile App Development Industry is set to hit $80 billion mark by the end of 2020. And, if you are interested in making a profit share from the same, let’s take this journey along with us to know the tips, tricks, and the proven methods. We have explored different methods to earn the revenue from the apps and researched about the methods that are sure to offer the best ROI for your app development investment.

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Get a Hang of App Monetization Techniques

App monetization simply implies to the techniques of generating revenue from the applications. However, knowing the technique is one thing and utilizing the same is another. Irrespective of the fact that you are a developer or a mobile app owner, having the related knowledge of app monetization techniques is always going to benefit in the long run.

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Which monetization method you will choose depends much on the type of mobile app you are developing. In-app purchase is now leading in the race of mobile app monetization techniques. And, why shouldn’t it? After all, you are offering some extra functionality to the users in your apps.

Monetization Techniques

Direct Approach to Generate Mobile App Revenue

It was paid downloads only that supremely ruled as one of the effective methods of generating revenue when the app store was in its infancy. Now the times have changed and we have a plethora of options to generate app revenue. And, the one that is the most popular among the app developers is paid downloads. The users pay for whatever they download from the app store.

Focus on User Growth

From the user’s point of view, they rarely care about the type of monetization technique your mobile app development company has chosen for your apps. All that matters for them is their profit from either free or even from the paid apps. It implies that you must have an active user base so that it becomes easy for you to generate the profit from them. And, for the same, you must consider metrics on:

  • Free to paid conversion rates.
  • The value of customers for building long-term relationship.
  • The churn rate (to recurring the subscription).

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Failing to keep an eye on these metrics is sure to harm your loyal audience base, the app revenue, and the related profit.

Know Users and App Market Trends

Doing a thorough research is the ultimate option to gain from app revenue techniques. You also need to have an eye on the market trends. While it is quite difficult to figure out how much money your competitors are investing, you can have an idea on the strategies that they are applying in their app monetization techniques. This research will also give you an idea of how your competitors are using their app content. After a thorough research, customize your mobile app marketing techniques to gain major benefits from app revenue.

The Bottom Line

Whatever strategy you choose to implement, keep monitoring your own work and the moves your competitors make. The mobile app development strategies are sure to differ from a company to another and keeping an eye on all these strategies will help you to add more to your own profit.


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