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10 Must Know Pokemon Go Facts You Ought to Know

July 15, 2016 by Eric Miller

The app is making headlines all over the world and technology experts can’t stop talking about it. The game is attracting both young and middle-aged. The most surprising fact about Pokémon Go is, in just a few days, it has left behind leading apps like Tinder and Snapchat.


While everyone is talking about tricks to play the game, we thought to compile interesting 10 facts about Pokémon GO.

1)Pokémon GO is a creation of Niantic Games and been released in 27 countries which include United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland etc.

2) This game has become so popular that in countries like United States, restaurant and other business owners have posted warning signs on their respective properties that the Pokemon (Eggs) are exclusively for the paying customers.

3) Facebook is considered as one of the most successful mobile apps and you would be  shocked to know that Pokemon Go has even left behind Facebook. SimilarWeb conducted another study that revealed Android users are spending more than 45 minutes per day on Pokemon Go which is more or less equal to Facebook.

4) One of the best things about this game is, it is available for both the major platforms iOS and Android. So whether you have iPhone 6 or a Samsung S7 Edge, you can enjoy Pokemon Go without any hassles.

5) Pokemon has a resemblance to ‘Pocket Monsters’ though it is better and more addictive than the latter. The original game was specially created for kids to give them a feel of going out and collecting things whereas the new game has turned this feeling into reality.

6) As per a study conducted by SimilarWeb, a whooping 62% of Android users are playing this game on daily basis in the United States alone. This figure alone is testimony to craziness that is going for this game.

7) Pokemon Go requires a lot of physical exercise in terms of walking. If you wish to find pokemon to collect and gyms to battle in, you have to walk and turn because in the game, the character moves when you make movement.  

8) I personally believe that this game is a brilliant mode of lose weight as in order to hatch Pokemon eggs, you have to walk a set distance which in turn makes you healthier

9) Many people are wondering how does this game allow battle, train and capture virtual Pokemon who appear throughout the real world. It uses GPS technology to accomplish this task.

10) Developers of Pokemon Go claim that this game would bring a revolution and would help people who suffer from diseases like anxiety, depression and panic attacks. This game requires people to tie up their shoes, leave their house and engage with other people. While it is true that these activities help to treat the above mentioned disorders, we are still to witness a smartphone game treating such fatal diseases.