Better Approach For Business Growth - Highlights to Emit in Your RFPs

10 Highlights To Emit In Your RFPs

October 12, 2017 by Mike Davis

There are thousands of press releases shrieking in the mobile app development sector, requesting for proposals but the ones that win the bids entail certain practices that define them from the rest. To ensure success with an app, a key role is played by the mobile app development company and its design strategies. To covet the best developers and agencies, your proposal must address the requirements to its best description.

Here’s a list of 10 requirements your RFP template must highlight.

1. The Project Summary

The purpose of your app, the business problems your apps want to combat, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the genesis and the evolution of the concept behind your app.

2. The scope and the potential user base

Show the reader that you’ve done your homework, that you foresee the impact your app would create, the target audience it’ll cater to and the position of the project. Clarify whether the app development requirements are needed for an ad-hoc upgrade or a fresh app.

3. An overview of the desired strategy

Give a gist of the desired architectural process that your app seeks, the features it should entail, the timeline for the project, the promotion strategies you are targeting and the launch process with the expected outcome settings.

4. Request detailed analysis of agency’s competence

The strategic and creative competence of the app development company, the technical expertise it entails, the strengths that differentiate it from the competitors, the awards it’s been credited and an insight into its hiring process.

5. Design Team

To ensure you’ve made the best choice, demand strategic portfolios of the app development company, design and code assessment on your existing(if any) or competitor apps.

6. Team

Get well acquainted with the architectural strength of the company, agencies feedback given by former clients and an insight into the development strategy; developers deem the best.

7. Request A Proposal

The aim of this PR is to highlight your credibility in terms of your vision, the adherence to timelines and the sincerity with the budget. In return, you must ensure that the agency is just as passionate and clear-visioned as you are about the project. Demand a proposal that reflects the strategies they will employ to deliver their best.

8. Selection Criteria And Expectations

An integral component of your PR is to attract nothing but the best architects and so along with sending the message of what you want, ensure you highlight who you want. Include the criteria for the selection process and the credentials they should meet.

9. Do Not Forget To Highlight The Timelines

Your whole plan goes down the drain if you do not strike when the iron is hot. To ensure this with the best developers working for you, highlight your timelines for First RFP submission, the responder’s Q&A deadlines, your response timelines, and the final submissions.

10. Strategy Portfolio

To ensure you’ve made the best choice, demand strategic portfolios of the app development company, design and code assessment on your existing(if any) or competitor apps.

To ensure your proposal stands out from the rest, do try the above-illustrated suggestions, grab your fair share of visibility, establish a direct connection to the audience, get connected to an extended number of clients and let us know the outcomes in the comment section below.


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